25 Unique & Easy To Do Shape Up Haircuts for Guys

11. Shape up with an undercut

Shape up Haircuts for Guys 10-min

Undercut hairstyles look great with shape ups. In fact, if you are getting an undercut, make sure to ask your stylist for at least a slight one. The shaved sides and line ups go very well together. You can even overlook the sideburns.

12. Thin sideburns

Shape up hairstyles for men

If your hair doesn’t really need a shape up, your sideburns always do (if you wear them, of course). Give thin shaped up sideburns a try regardless your haircut. They look very fashionable and add you style.

13. Shape up hair with designs

Shape up Haircut

No matter how simple and strict the haircut is, someone will always find a place for creativity. So, why don’t you give it a try? Any place you are about to shave can be used for making great designs. Choose the one you like and go for it!

14. Careful shape up 

edge up Haircut

If your hair and beard are quite long and you are out for a messy style, there is still room for a shape up. Curly hair is usually famous for being stray. So, no matter how disheveled you want to look, a careful shape up is in order to add a drop of style.

15. Shape up for facial hair

 Shape up for facial hair

Facial hair often requires trimming in order to look neat. Shape ups for sideburns are a must for anyone who sports them. Ask your barber to go through some experiments, so you will get an idea of what can be done about your sideburns.

16: New Lines


The lines that you use in your style do not always have to be at the edge of your cut. Use a carefully controlled razor or trimmer to cut a very neat line into your hairstyle. Cut the line as long or as short as you like, according to your preference.

17: Angular Lines with Combed Grooves


To rock this style you will need to start by applying a lot of hair gel to your hair. Once it is stiff with gel, use a comb to carve grooves into your hair. All that you will need to do is insert the comb and pull upwards. A grooved style like this looks great with an angular line up.

#18: Boyish Curls with a Boxy Forehead


Soft curls can sometimes give men a very youthful appearance. If you want to make yourself look older without having to get rid of your curls, then you can give your style a manly boxy shape. A little light stubble will also help prevent you from looking too youthful.

#19: Fluffy Spikes with Boxy Shape Up


Fluffy hair is kept soft by regular washing and brushing. Use a minimal amount of hair gel when you are styling it so that it doesn’t become stiff. Trim your hairline into a Boxy shape to help to open up your face and give yourself a more masculine look.

#20: Mad Spikes


If you have a spiked up style, you do not need to ensure that there is any regularity to your look. Keep your spikes a little bit crazy to show off a little bit of your personality. Trim your facial hair so that it is a little bit wild too.

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