40 Most Attractive Military Haircuts For Men To Try

There was a time when military haircuts were considered to be reserved for military personnel. But from a couple of years, these military haircuts or war-themed haircuts have become trendiest as they are used to shape signature style and make the wearer’s look even and appealing.

Short, Simple and Striking Military Haircuts For Men

We have compiled here forty short military haircuts that have been used by military men from all over the world. All the military haircuts are short haircuts that don’t exceed the two inches hair length. Furthermore, these military haircuts share the same traits as they offer low-maintenance hairstyle that doesn’t block one’s vision field as well as not allow hair to get trapped in the in helmet or shirt’s collar.

#1: Regulation Haircut


This haircut is commonly associated with the haircut of higher ranking army men. This haircut allows more than two inches of middle area hair. The side and back hair is tapered using a pair of scissors and then a hair clipper.

#2: Low Fade Haircut

Low Fade hairstyle

This low fade haircut makes the hair invisible from sides and back lower than a high fade and higher than a regular fade. A low fade usually ends up about one inch above the natural hairline.

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#3: Regular Fade Haircut


This haircut allows the gradual reduction of hair length from sides and back until the hair turn entirely invisible. In regular fade haircut, the hair on the back and sides end up at the natural hairline.

#4: High Fade Haircut

military side faded cut

This high fade haircut is used by most of the military men as it is very easy to maintain. In this haircut, the hair length is gradually reduced from sides and back. It completely disappears from the temples and about 2 inches before the natural hairline.

#5: Burr Cut


This cut is one step above the classic induction military cut in term of length. The hair are trimmed up to 1/8 of an inch or so with a guard of number one or two. All of the head hair is trimmed with the same guard number.

#6: Rockabilly Cut

millitary haircut for men 1

This one is the most decent but imperturbable military haircuts that is a signature style of most of the army officials. The side and back hair are faded from the temples to the natural hairline.

#7: Blonde Military Fade

military blonde haircut

You would be quite familiar with this military haircut. It’s a blend of low fade haircut and the regulation military haircut. The middle area hair are not more than two inches in length and the side and back hair are faded.

#8: Crew Cut

crew cut

Crew cuts are conventional military haircuts that has been used not only by army personnel but also by sportsmen. The side hair and back hair are cut down to hairline and the top hair is trimmed from vertex towards the front.

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#9: Another Short Crew Haircut

crew short haircut

This haircut is very similar to the previous crew cut but it differs in terms of hair length. All the head hair are trimmed too short. The top area hair does not exceed the one inch length.

#10: Military Undercut

millitary haircut for men 5

This haircut has been trending for last two years for some anonymous reasons. This one is the favorite haircut of the American adults around the age of 25. Not unlikely the previous military cuts, this haircut also have the length of top hair comparatively longer than the side and back hair.

#11: Conventional Haircut

millitary haircut for men 6

As the name explains, the conventional haircut is a regular military haircut that has been used by most of the military men. The side and back hair length is not more than half inches and the top area hair are in between one and two inches in length.

#12: High And Tight

millitary haircut for men 7

This haircut has the hair trimmed very short from the sides and back of the head whereas the middle area hair remains one inches in length. Undoubtedly, this haircut is one of the most thrilling military haircuts.

#13: Slicked Up Fade

millitary haircut for men 8

This haircut is a blend of high fade haircut and the pompadour. The front/top area hair are tapered up to 4 inches whereas the side and back hair gradually reduces and completely disappear 3 inches before the natural hairline.

#14: Canon Cut

short canon military hairstyle

This is another haircut that has been used by the higher ranking military official all over the world. This haircut involves high fade cut that make the hair completely invisible two inches over the natural hairline.

#15: Butch Cut

millitary haircut for men 10

This haircut is also a modification in the induction haircut. The hair length in this haircut is a bit more than the hair length in induction cut. This haircut involves all the hair clipped with any of the higher guard numbers of hair clippers.

#16: Flat Top

top flat army haircut

Flat top is a military haircut that is not much popular as it has not been used by certain military men. But those who like to have a stand out personality and love to try new and distinctive things can enjoy this flat top.

#17: Troop Cut

troop hairstyle

This cut also has very much similar to the crew cut. This cut is also a favorite one of military men as well as sportsmen. The side and back are faded and the top hair is trimmed from vertex to front.

#18: Armed Fade Hairstyle

army haircut

This military haircut gives a neat look and it’s very easy to maintain this style. The hair from the sides and back are trimmed too short whereas the length of top area hair is no longer than a 0.5 inch.

#19: Flock Cut

flock military cut

This haircut has been used by the military officials that are junior in ranks. Similar to short and low fade haircut, this haircut also involves very short hair from all over the head with the faded temples.

#20: Haul Up Cut

Here comes another trendy military haircut that has been used by a majority of guys. The front hair is slicked back using a hair lotion. The sides and back is shaved to make it completely invisible two inches before natural hairline.

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