22 Most Attractive Short Spiky Hairstyles for Men in 2017

Spikes are in style! The reason for their popularity is very simple. It doesn’t take long to make them. Men appreciate hairstyles, which are easy to create and don’t require too much hassle in the morning. The hair can be left short, while the spikes can be as long as the man wants. Short spiky hairstyles have been considered fashionable for a long time. All they take is some hair gel and creativity. While some might think that there is not much variety to this haircut, they are very wrong.


Attractive & Classy Short Spiky Hairstyles for Men

Some men might not have a flair for creativity, but still want a simple, yet fashionable hairstyle. Short spiky haircuts are the best way to go when you don’t know what to do with your hair. They combine a standard short hairstyle with an original twist. Since all men are different, each haircut will be absolutely special. All it takes is a little imagination. If nothing comes to mind, we are offering you a little help. We have prepared a very interesting list of the best short and spiky cuts out there. Choose the one you like best and go for it!


1. Thick spikes

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men

If your hair is thick, then you can easily go for short spikes. They will look great with the help of some hair gel. Ask your stylist to leave enough hair on top to create medium sized bangs and use them to make nice thick spikes.


2. Very short spiky hairstyle

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 2-min

This haircut is perfect for men, who want spikes, but don’t want them to stand out too much. Your classy hairstyle can easily be turned into very short fashionable spikes, if you add some hair gel on top and run your fingers through your hair upward.

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3. Spikes in the middle

nice Spiky Haircut

If you don’t like the classical frontal spikes, you can go for another stylish look. This hairstyle is created by sweeping the hair to the middle and then upwards. It can easily be done with minimal amount of hair gel.


4. Spiky comb over

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 4-min

This is actually a mix of short spiky cut and a comb over. The hair is swept backwards while styled to have spikes in front. Apply some hair gel to your fingers and start combing your hair backward. While doing that, make some upward spikes as well.


5. No shaving allowed

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 5-min

While some men like to have their sides shaved or trimmed very shortly before making the spikes, there no reason not to leave some hair intact. Spikes look great even when there is hair left on the sides. In fact, the overall look is very special.


6.  The classics

short spiky hairstyles for young men

This classical haircut is known to many guys. However, the bangs are usually neatly brushed. Diversify your look by adding some spikes! All you need to do is let your fingers do the job. Messiness is not just allowed, it is encouraged.


7.  Messy and stylish

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 7-min

Another reason why guys like spiky hairstyles is that they can legally make a real mess on their head and call it stylish. Forget about neat brushing. Work you fingers through your hair to make it as messy as you always wanted.


8.  Devilish look

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 8-min

If you want to get creative, no reason to wait. Try the devil horns! They are made by sweeping the hair to the top and in the middle. The front part is left short and neat. The overall devilish appearance will surely be turning some pretty heads your way.


9. Spikes for widow’s peak

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 9-min

If you have a widow’s peak and your hairline is receding, the spikes can be your saviors. Make the sides short and create the spikes on the front of your widow’s peak. It will create an appearance of volume and hide the receding hairline.


10. Soft and spiky

brown spiky hairstyles for boy

Guys with straight and thick hair can go for a soft and spiky look by using just a little bit of gel to create their spikes. This haircut doesn’t look outrageous as some of the spiky styles do. It can easily be worn to school or office.

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