10 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair

You are doing everything possible to make your hair look great, but it still looks dull and damaged? Wondering what are you doing wrong? More often than not things we do with our hair damage it much more than we can imagine. Take a look at the 10 ways you are harming your hair without even knowing it.

hair damage


Causes of Hair Damage

#1: Frequent washing

Keeping your hair clean is definitely a good idea. But washing it too often can harm your hair even if you use the most delicate hair products. Frequent baths wash off natural elements from the skin on your head. Once the oil is washed off, your oil glands start working overtime and producing more of it.

How Frequently You Should Wash Hair


This will lead to greasy hair. If the oil glands are not working too much and your hair is dry, washing off the precious oil will lead to dehydrated disaster. If there is no way to avoid daily washing, use less shampoo (about a quarter of the regular amount). You can even forget about shampoo every other time you wash your hair. Use just the conditioner.


#2: Harsh handling of wet hair

Many people know that brushing wet hair is quite harmful and leads to unpleasant damages. If there is no way to avoid wet hair brushing, use a comb with teeth set far apart. Make sure to wash the hair with conditioner before doing the brushing, it will help avoid tangled knots.

Brushing is not the only way to harm your hair. It is damaged whenever you rub it with a towel. So, try to dab it lightly after washing, instead of trying to dry it as much as possible with a towel.


#3: Dirty tools

The tools you are using to care for your hair are a great place for bacteria growth, which can harm your skin and damage the hair. Remove all hair from your combs and brushes after each use. Once a month clean all the tools, which you use for your hair, including pins and elastic bands.

Elastic bands can be cleaned in the laundry machine. To clean plastic brushes, dip them into a cleaning solution. You can use regular dishwasher detergent and leave them there for an hour. If you don’t like to use chemicals, dissolve some baking soda in water and place your tools there for a couple of hours.


#4: Using chemicals

Bleaching, perming, straightening, dyeing – all these procedures are very harmful to your hair. Always try to make these methods have the softest possible effect by using proper hair products.

Use high-quality hair masks before going to the hair salon and never forget to tell the barber about everything you do with your hair. This information might be compulsory for the upcoming beauty procedures.


#5: Tight hairstyles

No doubt about it, ponytails, braids and buns are very fashionable. But when your hair is constantly strained, it is very prone to damage. You should try to forget about elastic bands and metallic pins. But even the safest accessories shouldn’t strain the hair for too long in order to avoid the harmful effect.

Try to use the softest elastic bands possible and let your hair down as often as you can. Strained hairstyles might be fashionable, but letting your hair down is the most useful thing you can do for it.


#6: High temperatures – heat damage

When you are using flat irons and other hot styling tools, you are really harming your hair. Even the hair dryer can cause irreversible damage to your locks if you don’t use the lowest temperatures possible.

If there is no way to avoid the heated instruments, make sure you use thermal protection cosmetics before doing it. Try to use just cool air and the damage will be minimized.


#7: Wrong hair products

Hair products have been used for centuries. Over the years people have come up with good cosmetics for different hair types. If you are using the shampoo or conditioner for the wrong hair type, you will have a reverse effect. Make surer to read the label before buying any hair care product.

Don’t use hair sprays containing alcohol. It dries the hair out, especially when used with styling tools. Never apply regular spray before using the flat iron. Opt for thermal protection spray.


#8: Sunlight

Believe it or not, the sun is terrible for your hair. If you don’t use special UV-protection for your locks, they will become dull and lifeless, especially if they were recently colored or permed. Find a high-quality spray that will protect your hair during summer vacation. Or you can wear a hat or a cap.


#9: Improper brushing

Forget about brushing your hair from the roots. Start from the ends and slowly move toward the head. This will allow you to brush your hair without damaging it. After you combed through 4 -5 inches (10-12 cm), go to up to the next area.


#10: Ignoring split ends

Split ends can really damage your hair. If you have split ends, you must visit the barbershop every 6 to 8 weeks. Even if you don’t have such a problem, male an appointment least once every 2 months. Even if you are trying to grow your hair out, split ends must be removed. The problem will get worse if you ignore it.

Now you know what you have been doing wrong and it is a great time to change. Start taking proper care of your hair and it will become as healthy and beautiful as you always wished.

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