35 Exclusive Weave Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair

11. Black Weave

straight weave haircut for young women
Women with dark hair color should definitely choose this hairstyle. The natural hair should be dyed as light as possible, while the attached weave is colored black. This mix is amazing since it seems so unique.


12. Highlights

straight weave hairstyles 12-min
Creating highlights with the help of a straight hair extension is a real art. If your hairstylist is up to it, you are in for a fun ride! Leave your natural hair dark and then attach lighter weave strands to create highlighted look.


13. Very long

straight weave hairstyles 13-min
If your natural hair is rather long, there is no reason to overlook the weave. It won’t just make your hair longer, it will add some volume to create a really regal hairstyle. Use the weave for volume, not length.


14. Medium layers

Medium layers straight weave hairstyles
Layers are great for medium-sized hair. Weave can be cut to follow your own natural layered style. Take a look at the way the highlights are made on the photo. Thinnest strands are dyed to make the color look very natural.


15. Light Ends

straight weave hairstyles 15-min
Usually, the straight weave is dyed with a darker color than the rest of the hair. However, lighter ends are also very stylish. Make sure the transition from dark to light is smooth, then the hair will look quite natural.