50 Cutest Flower Girl Hairstyles for Your Little Angel

Any girl is a princess at heart. So when the time comes for a special occasion, girls want to look as amazing as possible. Flower girl hairstyles are a great way to bring out the princess to the surface and make any girl or woman look her best. There is a great variety of such hairstyles out there, depending on the length and type of the hair and the available flower accessories. There are special flower girl hairstyles, which can be chosen for a wedding. In fact, the same style can be used for the bride and the bridesmaids. The imagination can truly run wild here.


Cute and Unique Flower Girl Hairstyles for Little Girls

Flower girl hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes and are often quite complicated. Some of them can easily be made at home, while others should only be entrusted to a professional. The accessories for such hairstyles should be carefully chosen with the consideration of how long they should serve. Natural flowers look better, however, they quickly loose their freshness, so if the hairstyle has to last for a long time, artificial flowers are usually chosen. However, there are some techniques, which allow natural flowers to stay fresh longer. We have prepared 50 flower girl hairstyles for your little girl to choose from. No matter which occasion you want this style for or maybe you just feel like being a princess for a day, you will definitely find a suitable option here.


1. Curls with a tiara

Flower Girl Hairstyles

Curls are often a compulsory part of the hairstyles for flower girls. A tiara is a great addition to the hairstyle, especially for the bridesmaids. Make a partial high ponytail and curl the strands to cascade down the neck. Curl the rest of the hair. Attach the tiara so it looks as though it is holding the curls in place.

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2. Flower braid

hairstyles for flower girl

Make an encircling braid. Keep each strand in place by small elastics. Then attach flowers to each of the elastics in order to make them invisible. Make soft waves on the rest of the hair and a sweet flower girl wedding hairstyle is ready!

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3. A headband

Flower Girl Hairstyles 3

If your hair is short and there aren’t many hairstyles you can play around with, don’t forget about the headbands. Flower girl hairstyles usually means curls, so curl your hair as much as you can and use a flowery headband to complete the look.


4. Encircling braids

Flower Girl Hairstyles 4

Encircling braids always look very festive, so they are great for any special occasion, especially a wedding. Make two encircling braids and attach small natural flowers in between to make an amazing flower girl look.


5. Large accessories

flower girl sweet hairstyle

Large flower accessories can look great if they are needed to complete a certain style. If your dress is voluminous, try to avoid large accessories. However, a simple dress can easily be worn with large flowery headband.

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