70 Perfect Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

16. Long hair with accessories

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 12-min

Accessories can become a wonderful addition to a long hairstyle for girls with triamgular face type. If you like to keep your ears open, choose long earings. They will help make the face shape seem much more oval.


17. Asymmetrical side swept bangs

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 13-min

Girls with heart face types must remember to wear bangs. They are considered to be the compulsory part of hairstyles. You can choose any type of bangs you like, just make sure they are there. Side swept fringe looks modern and is very popular.


18. Levels

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 14-min

Blunt haircuts should be forgotten. The levels are in style and girls with most face types will appreciate them. These haircuts do wonders for creating the much needed volume and don’t require too much maintenance.


19. Curly ends

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 15-min

Long voluminous hair is a way to go for girls who care about making an oval face shape. You can leave the top part straight and just curl the ends. This way of going about curls is quite popular nowadays. Be stylish!


20. Long and straight

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 16-min

This is an example of a hairstyle you shouldn’t be making if your face is heart shaped. Just long and straight hair elongates your face and makes the heart much too obvious. Opt for something else. This is a “don’t do”.


21. Grombre Hairstyle

hairstyle for heart shaped faces over 40

The grombre is a celebration of switching to gray hair and will match any woman over 40. One of the best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces will be a long straight hair with side-swept bangs that will make the forehead look smaller. 


22. Top Bun with Bangs

hairstyle for heart-shaped faces with big foreheads

Avoid width on your big forehead with one-sided bangs that are beautifully spread on your face. This hairstyle for heart-shaped faces will create a great balance between the upper part and the chin. Create a bun on top if you want your face to look elongated. 


23. Auburn Ombre

hairstyle for Asian women with heart shaped faces

Long bobs are probably the best hairstyles for Asian women with heart shaped faces. In this case, the problem is not with the wide forehead but with the pointy chin. To make it look less prominent, you should consider adding more volume in that area. Opt for an auburn ombre and wave just half of your tresses. 


24. Wavy Blonde Hairstyle

medium length hairstyle for heart shaped faces

Medium length hairstyles are also suitable for heart shaped faces, especially if they come with bouncy waves, lifted roots and one-sided bangs. As for the color, become a real modern diva with a sunflower blonde hair color. 


25. Strawberry Blonde Pixie

hairstyle for chubby heart shaped faces

When you have a chubby cheeks, you need a hairstyle that works with those heart-shaped lines. The problem seems to be with those prominent cheekbones that stand out too much, so you will need to create an illusion for a more elongated look. Use your pixie haircut to build height and if you want to look cool, pick a strawberry blonde shade. 


26. Blond and amazing

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 17-min

Choosing the right hair color is a must do for girls of any face shape. Blond usually looks most stunning. A blond voluminous bob with an eye-covering side swept bangs will really make you stand out of the crowd.


27. Short and Boyish

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 18-min

Some heart shaped faces look truly amazing and need to be flaunted. The best way to do that makes a short bob, which ends near your cheekbones. By tucking hair behind your ears you can achieve a spunky boyish look, that many men can’t pass by.


28. Creative and smoky

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 19-min

This creative heart shaped face haircut is bound to look wonderful on girls who like looking unique. While this haircut will do nothing for making your face look oval, it will surely draw a lot of attention to your eyes and mouth.


29. Eye covering bangs

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 20-min

No doubt about it. Eye covering bangs are sexy. They draw attention to your eyes and away from your chin. The perfect solution for a triangular face type. Whatever your bangs might look like, make sure not to cut the rest of your hair too short.


30. Don’t do it

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 21-min

Forget about it. This hairstyle is big “don’t” for girls with triangular faces. All it will do is make your face look longer and your chin appears larger. No one wants that, do you? Try to avoid pixies altogether.