70 Perfect Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

41. Red Layered Hairstyle

thick hairstyle for heart shaped faces

Layers are exactly what you need when you have thick hair and a  heart-shaped face. By building them, you will add fullness to your hairstyle and that faded red shade will marvelously compliment your slightly dark skin tone. 


42.Platinum Blue Pixie

hairstyle for heart shaped faces with small foreheads

If you want an eye-popping color, go for a silver-blue shade for your pixie cut. Feather those bangs and you will obtain the perfect hairstyle for your heart-shaped face. That small forehead won’t be a problem because you will build your fringe from the top of the head. 


43. Retro Wavy Hairstyle

bridal hairstyle for heart shaped face

As a bride, you need a hairstyle that is both good looking and works with your features. Get a blonde ombre, layers, create curls and you’ll have the best bridal hairstyle for a heart-shaped face. Style a wave using those bangs and place a jeweled headband on the forehead. 


44. Long Dark Hair with Glasses

heart shaped face hairstyle with glasses

When having a heart-shaped face, one of the most common problems is those prominent cheeks. A dark hair color for your long hair will not only boost your charm but also hide those imperfections.  Create a middle part and you’ll get the perfect hairstyle for your features. Also, it perfectly works with glasses.


45. French Bob

straight hairstyle for heart shaped faces

If you adore that French vibe with gorgeous bonnets and red lips, you need a matching straight hairstyle. It is perfect for heart-shaped faces because you can use the beret to cover that extra area from the forehead. 


46. Bang twists

haircuts for heart shaped faces 13-min-min

Girls who want to emphasize their forehead can take advantage of this quick and easy hairstyle. The hair is twisted or braided and clipped under the side strands. This is a great idea for girls with unruly wavy or curly hair.


47. Ponytail

haircuts for heart shaped faces 14-min-min

This is another one of the haircuts for heart shaped faces that can make you look fabulous. All you have to do is brush the bangs upwards and back and tie it into a ponytail. The look is priceless!


48. Round bob with side swept bangs

haircuts for heart shaped faces 15-min-min

A round bob with side swept bangs is a winning deal for women with heart-shaped faces. It makes the face appear more oval while keeping the large forehead hidden under the bangs.


49. Beautiful Bangs

Beautiful bangs hair with heart shaped faces

Since bangs are an imperative part of most of the haircuts for round shaped faces, you need to learn how to experiment with them. Take a look at how the bangs are cut in the photo. The result is fantastic!


50. Smart Layers

haircuts for heart shaped faces 17-min-min

An asymmetrical layered bob can become your favorite hairstyle. The best part about is the lack of maintenance. The layers create a little volume while looking neat without too much daily styling.


51. Creative bob

haircuts for heart shaped faces 27-min-min

Get creative with your bob hairstyle. Make a prominent side part and keep the two sides of the bob in different length. This is a great haircut for girls with straight hair that lack volume.


52. Blunt ends

haircuts for heart shaped faces 18-min-min

If you want to minimize the mess appearance of your wavy locks, you can go for blunt ends. Blunt ends give your hairstyle a neat appearance while keeping your heart shaped face looking fabulous.


53. Be simple

haircuts for heart shaped faces 19-min-min

A simple medium length bob with side swept bangs is a perfect haircut for heart shaped face. You don’t need to go all out coming up with something special. A neat bob does a great job making you look awesome.


54. Side sweeping

haircuts for heart shaped faces 21-min-min

A messy side swept hairstyle is exactly what you need to make an impression especially if your hair lacks volume. Such side swept haircuts can benefit your overall appearance while smoothing the shape of your face.


55. Ombre

Ombre haircuts for heart shaped face

When creating special haircuts for heart shaped faces don’t forget about hair coloring technique. The right approach to hair dye can make your heart shaped face look closer to oval. Consider an ombre.