60 Sexiest Old School Haircuts for Men

34. Sleek and a Beam of Highlights

Old School Haircuts for Men 21

It has been the most ongoing style guys love to adopt irrespective of time or seasons. Combining it with highlights adds absolute greatness in the style. Suits mostly on the oval or round shaped face.

It also includes multi-length layers adding a puff above the crown, so if you have thick hair, then this should be your choice.


35. Old School Fade Haircut with Tramlines

Old School Haircuts for Men 22

Adding tramlines in a fade haircut makes a great combo that gives it, more dignified look. This style looks great with every face cut but particularly on the round face, it looks splendid if you have thin hair and don’t know how to style them then this is what you need.


36. Wild Mane

Old School Haircuts for Men 23

It is truly wild haircut as it has so many random layers in it and it doesn’t even require styling for this particular look you can say “ the messier, the better.” Got more sensitive skin towards hair product then this is got to be the style you can pull off anytime anywhere.


37. Smartly Wild

Old School Haircuts for Men 24

Talk about the messy and sexy look, this old school hairstyle is surely one of those. It looks great on thick hair shows off a little more of the layers but creating a puff on the crown can make it go for thin hair as well.


38. Extreme Layers

Old School Haircuts for Men 25

Wow! This style is the look guys better never get rid of; it gives out an amazing and confident personality. A truly magnificent haircut but it looks better with the exact styling; it has a look of the staircase of layered hair.


39. Sleek Chic with Undercut


Undercut your hair at the back and at the sides of your style. Run a little bit of gel through your hair to give it some hold and then style it down into a sleek style using a comb. This is the perfect look for people who like to be in control.


40. Strong Side Parting with Curled Back Fringe


Make your parting look even more pronounced by using a razor to cut a thick curving tramline into the section of your head where your parting would be. Use gel and a comb to slick back your fringe into a gently curving style. The coolness has been added to this look by the signature curves.


41. Simple Soldier Style


This Old School look is inspired by classic American military style. It is essentially a short back and sides with a little more styling on the top.

Run your fingers backwards through your hair to help to spice it up. Don’t let the top section grow too long or it will ruin the simplicity of your style.


42. Quiff


Quiff styles draw their inspiration from the ’40s and 50’s Rock and Roll stars like Elvis. For a quiff style, you will need to tease your hair forwards and then use a comb to create a fringe that rolls up and over. You can go with a big and bold quiff, or something a little more subtle.


43. Simple Line-Up


With a simple line-up style, you can take control of all of your hairline by using a razor or a beard trimmer to give yourself neat, clean lines and angles. In this style, the hairline has been shaped with a very angular line close to the temple and then smooth curved lines around the facial hair.