60 Sexiest Old School Haircuts for Men

54. Widow’s Peak with a Spiked Fringe


A widow’s peak is a recessive trait, so not all that many men have them. If you are lucky enough to sport a widow’s peak, then make the most of it by giving yourself a spiked up fringe hairstyle.


55. Greaser Line-Up


This style mixes lots of Old School elements with a few modern men’s hairstyle ideas. Greased back styles were made popular by stars like Elvis, but Line-Up cuts are far more popular with hip-hop stars.


56. Diminishing Pompadour


Pompadour hairstyles can diminish (get shorter) towards the back of the cut. A high fringe like this one is the perfect way to make a round face look narrower and longer.


57. Lego Man


Lego Man hair is named because it is so perfectly molded that it looks like it came straight off of a Lego toy. Nonetheless, this hairstyle for men is a classic look; Lego had to get their inspiration from somewhere.


58. Micro Fringe


If you want a look that is really subtle, choose a micro fringe style. Put a little bit of styling gel into your hair and then pinch your hair between your thumb and finger.


59. Uneven Spikes


Spiked up men’s hairstyles will never get old. Choppy and uneven spikes are an old school hairstyle that was fashionable during the ’90s. Give the look a modern twist with a bold beard.


60. Style with a short tail


A short tail is an Old School look which is making it’s way back into fashion thanks to some contemporary sportsmen. A tail hairstyle is one where a small section of hair at the back of the head is longer than the rest of the style.


These are some of the most amazing old school haircuts and hairstyles which have never got old through the entire history of fashion and looks great on guys with short hair. Before choosing a hairstyle for yourself, you better keep in mind your face shape and cut so you carry a look for a longer period.

Also, you should be able to style the look properly to make it look even better. Do let us know your opinion about these attractive old school hairstyles.