81 Exciting Men’s Hairstyles for Thin Hair

#21: Subtle Fringe Flick

best thinning hair men

Use your finger and thumb to tease a small section of your hair up into a subtle flick at the front of your head.


#22: Scruffy Spikes

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 23
Disheveled spikes are a great choice for an evening event where you want to inject a little touch of casual. Ruffle your fingers through your hair at various angles to create this scruffy look.


#23: Moving Forwards

hairstyles for fine thin hair

In this style, the hair is combed forwards from the back. You should put in a little styling gel and use a fine tooth comb to create the best definition.

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#24: Straight and Groomed

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 25

This hairstyle has a slightly vintage charm to it. Straight, sleek hair like this also looks great with a side parting.


#25: Preppy Combed Style

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 26

Put styling gel in your hair and then run a comb from one side over to the other. Use the comb to style your side sections so that they run from front to back.


#26: Curled Fringe with Full Beard

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To make the biggest impression with your curly quiff fringe, keep the rest of the hair on your head short so that it does not have the opportunity to curl over.


#27: Man Bob

hairstyles for men with thin hair
If you have longer hair, try out a man bob similar to this one. Give your hair an extra cool look by styling in shorter sections near your crown.


#28: Preppy Mohawk

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 29

Shave the majority of your hair so that it is a short stubble length. Keep a section long down the center of your hair. Carefully groom this section to give yourself a preppy take on the Mohawk style.


#29: Long and Straight

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 30

If you have long, thin hair in a straight style, you need to make sure that you wash it regularly. Leaving your hair too long between washes can lead to it looking lank and greasy.


#30: Asymmetrical Hairline

haircuts for fine thin hair
If you have an asymmetrical hairline, you can integrate this into your style. Sweep your hair in the opposite direction to the highest point in your hairline.