81 Exciting Men’s Hairstyles for Thin Hair

#41: Preppy Sweepover

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 42

Trim your hair so that it is quite short at the back and sides but longer in the center. Without using any styling products, use a comb to sweep all your hair so that it is going from one side to the other.


#42: Rollhawk

Men's long thin hair
The rollhawk style creates a fohawk by rolling longer hair over down the center of your head. Create extra definition by shaving in a distinct line at the base of your roll.


#43: Slicked Down

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 45

Use a little gel to slick your hair down so that there is never a hair out-of-place. Comb it gently to create a perfectly groomed look.


#44: Choppy Mullet

Men's bob haircuts for thin hair

Leave your hair longest at the back. Cut the rest of your hair in choppy segments at various lengths for a very rock and roll style.


#45: Trainee Curls

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 47

Trainee curls will give your hair a lot of volumes. Keep your hair relatively short if you want to stop your hair from developing into full-blown curls.


#46: Short hair with goatee and mustache

One of the simplest ways to work with thin hair is to just give your head a clean cut close shave. This style is better suited to younger men.


#47: Men’s hair design with thinning hair

thin 3

If you want to make a lasting impression, choose a style which is completely unique, e.g. a style which contains unnatural colors. You have to be quite confident to pull a look like this off.


#48: Hair Raiser

haircuts for men with thin hair

Use a comb and hair styling gel to create hair raising spikes at the front of your hair. Let the rest of your hair stay in its natural style.


#49: Spiky Hair for Men With Thin Hair

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 49

To make your hair look as though it has a maximum height, keep the sides looking much shorter. This trick works really well if you have an angular face.


#50: Peaked Fringe

hairstyles for short thin hair

Draw your hair up into a peaked fringe using a comb and a very small amount of styling gel. Your hair will look fluffy and touchable.