81 Exciting Men’s Hairstyles for Thin Hair

#71: Short Hair with Temple Fade

Among many other hairstyles for men with thin hair, short hair with temple fade is everyone’s favorite. All there is to do for this hairstyle is that you have to cut your hair really short. Temple fade to this haircut will only increase the style.


#72: Rainbow Hair with High Fade

For a funky Rockstar in you, ask your stylist to add rainbow colors to your yellow base hair. Include a temple fade to your dark side and back hair for a stark contrast.


#73: Spikes with Line Design and Low Fade

If you are a fan of spiked hair, then you better get your short fine hair raised into spikes instantly. This haircut for thin-haired men when combined with a low fade and a line design will give you a super trendy look that no one will be able to resist.


#74: Hedgehog Hairstyle

thin hair with highlights for men

Hedgehogs may be small, but their style statement is huge! Inspired by nature, this hairstyle is a true representation of hedgehog spikes with blonde edges and dark roots. The perfection of this haircut can be increased by shaving the lower hair on sides and back.


#75: Crew Cut with Shaved Sides

crew cut with shaved sides for men with thin hair

The crew cut is a low maintenance haircut which doesn’t require a lot of styling products either. Cut your top hair short for a neat look and shave the hair towards the sides completely to the skin. No one can stop you now.


#76: Unequal Forward Fringe

For a super edgy look, go against all norms and cut your forward fringe in an unequal manner. Include a low temple fade, and you have become everyone’s style inspiration already!


#77: Side-Swept Flowy Hair with Side Trim

If you have thin hair, let them grow long to give them the illusion of thick hair. Sweep them to the side for a flowy hair look. Trim the hair towards the sides, which gradually decrease in length in a tilted way for extra perfection.


#78: Butch Cut with Shaved Sides

For a legendary style icon look, go with a butch cut hairstyle for men with thin hair. The front fringe styled in a subtle pointy shape adds massively to your already edgy look. Shaved sides to this hairstyle are nothing but amazingly exotic.


#79: Azure Blue Raised Hair

Azure blue is a unique and magnificent color for a different look. Ask your stylist to dye your hair an azure blue. Use some pomade to raise your top hair, cut the hair towards the side and back relatively short and you have achieved the look of the year!


#80: Emerald Short Hair

emerald short thin hairstyles for guys

If you are craving a short hair look which is trendy at the same time, then you need to dye your hair an exquisite shade of emerald. Once you are done with coloring your hair, cut them evenly short on all sides to complete your look.


#81: Rough Wispy Bangs

wispy bangs in thin hair for guys

If your lifestyle is all about aesthetics, then it is time to make your hairstyle an actual part of your lifestyle too. Grow your thin hair to a reasonable length and let them go absolutely wild. Bring some of the hair forward for a rough wispy bangs look. Mission aesthetics successful!


Men with thin hair have hundreds of different options available to them. Some people worry about styling their hair once it starts to thin out a bit, but this gallery shows that men don’t need to worry at all! There are plenty of things that you can do to maximize your style, and even to make your hair look thicker if you want it to.