80 Stylish Crew Cuts for Men with Short Hair

#11: Center Only Cut

crew cuts for men 41-min

Shave your hair so that you only have thick hair on the very top of your head. The rest of your style should be only stubble. This looks great when it is teamed up with a stubbly beard too.


#12: Lightly Curled Crew

crew cuts for men 40-min

A crew cut is a great style for anyone with slightly curly hair. This type of style makes the curls more manageable but still allows you to show off your natural style.


#13: Thick and Luscious with a Light Beard

men crew cut hair

People will just love to run their fingers through this thick and luscious longer crew cut. The style works really well when teamed with a beard because it shows both softness and masculinity.


#14: Textured Fluffy Crew cut

crew cuts for men 38-min

Run your fingers upwards through your hair to give it this uninteresting fluffy texture. You can enhance the texture of a fluffy men’s hairstyle by having highlights and low lights put into your hair.


#15: Long and Tousled with Highlights and Low lights

long crew cut haircuts for boys

This cut is on the long side for a crew cut but still looks fabulous. Putting in highlights and low lights will help to give your hair more texture.