81 Most Adorable Baby Boy Haircuts in 2020

#41: Crown Bang With Short Side Hairstyle

This hairstyle can be a perfect match with your baby’s playful personality. The middle area hair is a bit longer than the side hair to keep the look sophisticated and neat. This haircut is suitable for oval, square and round face shape.


#42: Tailored Haircut


This haircut is a blend of longer lengths along the top and sides but the back hair is cut in short to keep the look neat. This haircut can be perfect for any formal occasion as it will keep your baby in the spotlight.


#43: Side Bang Haircut

baby haircut

The middle area hair is cut in length so they can be turned into fringe or spiky or side bang style. This haircut is suitable for medium to thin hair. The face shape suitable for this haircut is oval, square and round.


#44: Blonde Crown Layered Haircut

Blonde Crown Layered Haircut

The middle area hair is cut in length to spike up the crown layers and smooth down the fringe. This haircut is suitable for oval, round and square face shape, and work best with medium and thin hair.


#45: Side layered Haircut

baby haircut 1

It a perfect haircut for your perfect toddler. It looks best on square or long face shape. Brings out a mischievous side of your kid. A little puff on the front looks great to add some volume in the hair.


#46: Sleek Gold Haircut

baby haircut 2

With an undercut on the side, it gives a very decent look at your kid. Also, increase the reflection of the Golden Blond hair. It gives out a very innocent look to your kid.


#47: Razor Layered Haircut

baby haircut 3

Kids especially boys are full of energy for this there haircut should be easy to set. This is an extremely sleek haircut which gives out a very modest look to your kid.


#48: Dashing Boys Haircut

baby haircut 4

It gives out a very manly nature to your boy. A very decent and mature haircut with the perfect styling will look amazing on your little toddler.


#49: Messy Spikes for Baby Boys

baby haircut 5

This style is good for you if you do not want to use a lot of product on your child’s hair it only takes a little amount of product to settle down. Also, gives a very classy look to your little boy.


#50: Spiky Layered Hair


This spiky haircut is simple, comfortable and should look really dashing on your kid. But certainly, the potential of any haircut is revealed through proper styling. The accurate lines of the cut are dashed with the slightly layered bangs.