81 Most Adorable Baby Boy Haircuts in 2020

#51: Mid-Length with a Floppy Sweeping Fringe


Mid-length hair looks totally cute on younger boys. Keep the hair part to one side and just flick the fringe over to one side. This style is a killer if your little man has a cheeky smile.


#52: Careful Cut with Stiff Fringe


A careful cut is what you need if you want your boy to look smart and well-groomed. Just take care to chop any stray hairs to keep the style looking perfect. Keep the top of his hair a little longer, so that you can brush it forward into a smart stiff fringe.


#53: Trendy Sweep-over with Strong Side Parting


If you want to have the sharpest baby boy at nursery, you could try this fashionable style. Undercut his hair at one side but leave the top layers long. Sweep the longer layers over to one side from a strong side parting.


#54: Short tousled style


This look is great if you want your baby boy to look smart, but you know that a perfectly manicured style won’t suit him. Have his hair cut so that it is relatively short, then just give his hair a ruffle every morning.


#55: Ivy League Cut


This short haircut will look like you are setting your little man up for great things. Grow his hair so that it is just long enough to style with a side parting and then brush it all carefully to one side. Before you know it, he will be heading off to college!


#56: Short Back and Sides with a Thick Top


This cut has a hint of military cool, so it is a great look if your boy likes playing soldiers. The short back and sides are a smart choice, whilst the longer central section looks especially cool when it is ruffled up a bit.


#57: Little Spikes


Your little boy will love to wear his hair in this style because he will just adore the way that it feels. Run some hair gel through his hair, and then use your thumb and forefinger to pull his hair up into a lot of little peaks. You will both enjoy spending time together doing this style in the morning.


#58: Too Cool for School


This baby boy hairstyle is just too cool for school. If they have mid-length hair you can start to gel it up into stiff peaks. You will only need a little bit of product to pull his hair up into a cool little quiff style.


#59: Scruffy Pudding Bowl


This purposefully scruffy look is a good choice if you want your son to have long hair. When you want him to have a more stylized look you can use a little bit of product on it, but when he goes out to play you can just give it a light tousle with your hands.


#60: Undercut Back and Sides with Trendy Pomp


Keeping the sides of his hair short can mean that you have less hair to worry about when you are styling your baby’s hair. An undercut style means it’s really easy to create a trendy pomp by brushing his hair up onto the top of his head.