70 Most Attractive Military Haircuts for Men [2019]

#6: Rockabilly Cut

millitary haircut for men 1

This one is the most decent but imperturbable military haircuts that is a signature style of most of the army officials. The side and back hair are faded from the temples to the natural hairline.


#7: Blonde Military Fade

military blonde haircut

You would be quite familiar with this military haircut. It’s a blend of low fade haircut and the regulation military haircut. The middle area hair are not more than two inches in length and the side and back hair are faded.


#8: Crew Cut

crew cut

Crew cuts are conventional military haircuts that has been used not only by army personnel but also by sportsmen. The side hair and back hair are cut down to hairline and the top hair is trimmed from vertex towards the front.

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#9: Another Short Crew Haircut

crew short haircut

This haircut is very similar to the previous crew cut but it differs in terms of hair length. All the head hair are trimmed too short. The top area hair does not exceed the one inch length.


#10: Military Undercut

millitary haircut for men 5

This haircut has been trending for last two years for some anonymous reasons. This one is the favorite haircut of the American adults around the age of 25. Not unlikely the previous military cuts, this haircut also have the length of top hair comparatively longer than the side and back hair.