10 Auburn Red Hair Ideas to Lighten Up Your Style

6. Bright and Brownish

favorite dark auburn red hair color for young girl

This bright and brownish color fits all types and is a great choice if you are looking for a more polished and elegant look. Add-up a straight and silky hairstyle for a full sumptuous experience.


7. Classic Red

Classic auburn red hairstyle for cute girl

If you are a fan of natural colors, take a look at this classic red: it is vibrant, cheerful – and of course, gorgeous. Since it is a very specific color, this hairstyle can be a bit restrictive: make sure you have fair skin and green or brown eyes before you decide to change it.


8. Deep & Glamorous


This deep auburn red hairstyle is a top pick for an exquisite appearance. The shades of color highlight any skin tone, and the result is a powerful look. Make sure you are ready for admiration looks wherever you go in case you go for this choice.

Euphoric Light and Dark Red Hair Colors

9. Red Copper

Red Copper auburn hairstyle

This blend of red and orange color is a brighter and even more stunning version of the classic red. The red copper style is more flattering when combined with the medium, peach-colored and golden skin tones.


10. Dark and Natural

Dark and Natural auburn red hairstyle for women

Here is one more option for a sophisticated look: this brilliant style gives a sensation of elegance and it’s very easy to keep, as it doesn’t require a lot of retouches along the way. It also fits most of the skin types, being one of the most versatile looks within the shades of auburn hair.


Remember: Auburn Red Hair is always a way to go if you are looking for a remarkable, but adaptable look. More than that, it is always trendy and a great way to make sure you feel gorgeous every single day. We hope these tips and ideas helped you making a decision on your next style!

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