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Ghanima Abdullah


Ghanima studied cosmetology at Debbies School of Beauty Culture in Chicago, IL. As a hairstylist and makeup artist, she’s been in the beauty industry for a few decades. She also formulates products and earned a certificate in the same from cosmetic chemist Perry Romanowski. 

She always has her eye on new ingredients in the market and their uses and loves some of the advancements the skin and hair industries have seen over the past few years. She prefers natural formulations that use active ingredients in high percentages, as opposed to others that merely use botanicals for marketing purposes.

For the past several years, her focus has been on research. She’s helped clients from Australia to Canada understand differences in haircare products and their uses for various types of tresses. Ghanima studies skin, hair and body procedures and stays on top of scientific advances. She’s always on the hunt for the perfect product.

Ghanima enjoys finding the best product options for different needs and people.