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Ina Shan

Ina Shan, Professional Braider & Model

Lives in: Romania

Expertise: Braids

Experience: 10+ years

I’m Ina Shan, proud to be called Romania’s best braider, even by several foreign people who had experienced a lot of international hands on their hair! I’m like Eminem between rappers, a white woman between the other braiders.

My experience started with a passion for eccentric hairstyles, but as soon as I decided not to dye and cut my hair anymore, I started to love braiding for its awesome properties including the variety of styles, the longevity of the hairdo and the possibility to maintain my natural hair intact. I have experienced everything on my own hair, and most of my customers are caucasian due to the geographical characteristics of the population hereby.

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How Much Do Different Types of Cornrows Cost?

How Much Do Cornrows Cost? Prices for cornrows mostly vary depending on the number of braids. There are hundreds of cornrows styles, and prices vary anywhere between $30 and $300. There are other factors that influence the price (geographical location, braidist’s range, extensions used, pattern’s complexity, length of hair, etc.) but the main criteria, in general, …