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Maham Amir

Maham Amir, Beauty & Lifestyle Writer

Expertise: Hairstyles, Hair Care, & Skin Care

Experience: 3 years

Maham Aamir is a seasoned beauty & lifestyle writer with a master’s degree in agricultural science. She loves to research trendy hairstyles and hair color ideas. She always follows the latest hair trends and isn’t afraid to try out the newest hairstyles she writes about.

Maham aims to empower women by showing them how to embrace different textures, colors, and styles while educating them on the best ways to take care of their hair.

She loves to spend as much time with her family and pets as possible.

Latest From Maham Amir

15 Rejuvenating Asymmetrical Haircuts for Women Over 50

Simply defined, asymmetrical haircuts are longer on one side than the other. These uneven hairstyles go with all hair lengths and face shapes. They are, in fact, ideal for balancing out any disproportionality of the face. Two-length hairstyles are modern, sassy, and bold. They’re a must-try for senior ladies who are bored of traditional haircuts. …

17 Brown Hair Ideas With Black, Blue, Pink and Purple Underneath

Brown hair is undeniably beautiful, and with so many gorgeous shades available, this universally flattering color is far from dull. However, brunettes may still find themselves craving a change in their chocolate tresses. Instead of switching to an entirely different hair shade, brown-haired beauties can spice up their mane without completely letting go of their …

20 Flattering Hairstyles for Black Women With Square Faces

Square faces are almost equal in length and width featuring a wide forehead, chiseled jawline, and protruding mandibles. Such faces look exceptionally attractive when coupled with the right hairstyles. And by ‘right’ we mean haircuts and styles that soften those sharp angles and cuts making a broad face appear much slimmer. Though limited guidance is …