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Banana Hair Mask: Does It Work or Just Waste of Time?

Want to fix your damaged hair with natural hair masks? Inexpensive and easy to make, some have been quite successful when it comes to accomplishing what they promise, like the banana hair mask.

Like other homemade hair masks – such as coconut milk, grapes, sugar, mango with avocado, jelly, and okra – adding one of the most popular fruits can be a unique chance to repair the damage on the capillary fiber and, with that, retrieve your hair’s brightness and softness, while putting an end to the frizzy look.


Benefits of Banana Hair Mask

benefits of banana hair mask

Besides the numerous benefits of banana for hair in general, this fruit has some hydration purposes which may enhance the effect of the mask treatment and act directly on the reconstruction of the hair, especially those drier and more damaged by the use of chemical products and procedures.

Whether your wires are straight, wavy, curly or frizzy, a banana hair mask can be helpful to reduce the volume and put an end to frizzy hair, typical signs of excessive dryness. This happens because the fruit is regarded as highly moisturizing since it is high in vitamins, lipids, potassium and amino acids, nutrients capable of restoring the water (moisture) of the hair and strengthen them thoroughly.

Also, amino acids are essential for those who are struggling with capillary hair loss or weak, thin and brittle hair, acting as a hair mass replacement. Meanwhile, potassium helps in hair fall prevention and breakage, while also stimulating growth.

In turn, lipids, above all, are responsible for controlling the hair natural oils, another positive point to fully circumvent dryness. In addition, the banana hair mask has other powerful ingredients: vegetable oil (of your preference), milk and sugar, which, as you have already read here on the blog, is a moisturizer with a cuticle sealer role, are also perfect to protect the hair from day-to-day damage.

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The Disadvantages of a Banana Hair Mask

  • Scalp Irritation – Any hairstylist educated about hair masks will tell you that in order to avoid irritation to your scalp, a hair mask must be washed out completely. The substances of a banana have the ability to cause itchiness if even a little bit is left on too long. To be sure it’s all out, rinse your hair a couple times.
  • Dandruff – Again, if not washed out completely, a banana hair mask can actually cause more dandruff. Avoid it by not letting the mask dry in your hair.
  • Allergies – Before using a banana hair mask, note if you’re allergic to latex or avocado. Health officials say that people who have these allergies would be better off avoiding banana as well.
  • Oily or Greasy Scalp – Just like when you use conditioner or other hair products too often, applying a hair mask too often will make your scalp and hair feel oily, greasy, or like it has a film over it. This may dampen the effects of your other hair products. 

Who Should Use a Banana Hair Mask

banana benefits for hair

The banana hair mask can be made applied in any type of hair that is very dry, thin, weak, brittle, barely pliable, with abnormal fall or damaged by the use of chemical products and procedures. For this hair, the homemade mixture of fruit with other natural ingredients and its treatment mask may helpful to curb the excessive volume, prevent split ends, control the frizz and add more softness and shine.

On the other hand, you should always keep in mind that, like with any cosmetic product, the result should vary from hair to hair. But don’t worry, because there is no need to! Since the process is entirely done with natural ingredients, nothing can hurt your hair or cause side effects.


DIY Banana Hair Mask

banana mask for hair

After knowing the advantages of banana hair mask, I bet that you are curious to know how you can apply it in your hair. Check the step-by-step guide below and get super moisturized hair.



  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 tablespoon of hair mask (of your preference)
  • 3 drops of vegetable oil (of your preference)
  • 1 tablespoon of crystal sugar



Here are 6 steps to make the banana mask to be used on your hair.

Step 1: Add the ripe banana, already cut into pieces, to the sugar and milk in a blender and mix them properly until you get a uniform mixture.

Step 2: Then, in another bowl, pour the mixture and add the hair mask and vegetable oil. Mix them properly until they are fully part of the mixture!

Step 3: After this, rinse the hair with a shampoo, remove the excess water off the hair with a towel and divide them into sections.

Step 4: Apply the mixture on each one section, from top to bottom. After applying it throughout the hair, put a plastic cap and wait until it starts to act for about 20 minutes.

Step 5: After that, rinse the hair with cold water and comb the hair gently to remove the excess of the mixture. Now, apply the conditioner and rinse it.

Step 6: Finish the hair as usual. And don’t forget to apply a thermal protector if you are about to use the dryer or flat iron. Ready and done!


How often can I do it?

It’s recommended to do a banana hair mask once a week or when you notice that your hair is dry.

Have you already tried the banana hair mask? If so, leave a comment below telling us what you think.


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