50 Trendy Medium Length Hair With Bangs for Women

46. Grey and black ombre

Grey and black is no longer a color combination for the elderly only. This stylish and modern look is all that you need to have everyone’s attention without even speaking. The front is left black while the sides are dyed grey ombre to make you look chic and attractive.


47. Cute red curls

These loose and broad curls are exquisite and utterly fashionable. You can rock them in all events just as well as in your daily routine. They are very easy to set and brush, so you can go for them if you do not have too much time to spend on your hair in the mornings.


48. Lively natural bangs

These lively and natural bangs are the ultimate go-to style for women who love medium hair with bangs. The hair falls is gentle and easy curls down your neck and looks adorable.


49. Chic black hair

medium hairstyle with bangs

This chic black hairstyle is absolutely impressive and lovely as it makes sure that you look well put together and stylish at the same time.


50. Elegant red ombre

red ombre hair with bangs

This elegant red ombre is a unique and fashionable way of styling your medium bangs. The edges have sharp trimming and a lot of layers which need professional cutting.


Medium hair with bangs can look beautiful no matter which style of the bangs you choose. Browse through the above options to get an idea about what kind of bangs suit your style the most.