50 Trendy Medium Length Hair With Bangs for Women

11. Asymmetrical  bangs

cute girl medium hair with Asymmetrical bangs

Add some asymmetry to your medium hair with bangs and your hairstyle will truly shine. The bangs asymmetry is especially pleasing since you don’t need too much styling to keep it looking perfect.


12. Straight classics

medium hair with bangs

If you have medium-length hair, you can create long and blunt bangs. This classic look is timeless. If you don’t know which way to go, choose this hairstyle. You can’t do wrong with the classics.


13. Edgy blonde bangs

These edgy blonde bangs are for the lively and free-spirited women who are up for stylish and youthful medium hair with bangs. The front is cropped in a way that it sweeps covering the eyes while the rest of the hair is trimmed in fun layers.


14. Stylish curved bangs

If you have a funny and zealous side to your personality and you want to show it then this stylish hairstyle is for you. The ends of the bangs are curved inwards to give a polished and well put together feel to your look. The bang at the front covers the forehead nicely while avoiding covering the eyes.


15. Fiery red bangs

red bangs on medium hair

This fiery red bangs medium length hairstyle is among the best ones on the list. The front is cut short to give an intense look while the sides are kept at the same length to ensure that you do not look too wild. The overall feel of this style is very attractive and impressive.