20 Barber Tattoos That Are Worth The Try

Looking for a cool barber tattoo to show your pride to get a unique look? In this article, you will find 20 types of barber tattoos ranging from the tools of a barber to the barber’s pole, the red seat, barber’s signature mustache and many more.

When we hear the word “Barber” the first thing that comes to our minds is that they are people who are hairstylists or hairdressers that we’ll find in a salon, but this is not just what defines what the barbers do by profession.

If one tends to search what actually a barber did and is still doing to this day and how it dates back to the ancient times in Rome, they will find that barbers were actually people who were responsible for hair and skin related services, mainly grooming and styling, surgeries like tooth extractions and even bloodletting.


Coolest Barber Tattoo Ideas

barber tattoo ideas

There is a misconception among many that anyone who knows how to style or cut hair is a barber, but the truth is, one needs to be qualified and recognized as an official barber with a diploma or a license to work as one. If you are a qualified barber and proud of your profession in style, get one of the unique barber tattoos from our list.


1. The Barber’s Tools

barber tattoos

This tattoo has all the tools of a barber sketched onto the guy’s skin that is used while performing the services. The special thing about this tattoo is that it looks like a 3D sketch that a sketch artist would make on a paper.

Therefore, using an inking machine on the skin to make such a tattoo is something that only talented barbers can do.