30 Barber Tattoos That Are Worth The Try

Looking for a cool barber tattoo to show your pride to get a unique look? In this article, you will find different types of barber tattoos ranging from the tools of a barber to the barber’s pole, the red seat, barber’s signature mustache, and many more.


Barber Tattoo Ideas

barber tattoo ideas

There is a misconception among many that anyone who knows how to style or cut hair is a barber, but the truth is, one needs to be qualified and recognized as an official barber with a diploma or a license to work as one. If you are a qualified barber and proud of your profession in style, get one of the unique barber tattoos from our list.


1. Barber Neck Tattoo

barber neck tattoo

Don’t show that you’re a great barber with just a handsome haircut – a neck tattoo with “barber” written in black cursive is both edgy and draws attention to your jawline.


2. Barbershop Tattoo

barbershop tattoo

Finger tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and it’s the perfect way to display your barber title. Print one letter per knuckle in an old fashioned font to “barbershop.”


3. Hair Tools in Color

barbershop tattoo

From combs and scissors to shaving cream and beard brushes – pick one or all to decorate your forearm for an edgy barber tattoo. Choose color or black and white.


4. Barber Pole Tattoo

Remember when barbershops all had those old-timey barber poles outside? You can still see one every day just by creating a tattoo out of it.


5. Barber Skull Tattoo

You don’t need to be dressing up or riding a motorcycle to have a skull tattoo. Just by adding a thick mustache and beard to your black and white skull design, it becomes the coolest barber tattoo.


6. The Barber’s Tools

barber tattoos

This tattoo has all the tools of a barber sketched onto the guy’s skin that is used while performing the services. The special thing about this tattoo is that it looks like a 3D sketch that a sketch artist would make on a paper.

Therefore, using an inking machine on the skin to make such a tattoo is something that only talented barbers can do.


7. The Red Seat

barber tattoo with a red seat

This red seat is a popular demand amongst tattoo enthusiasts because of its bright color that looks amazing when inked on the skin. In ancient times, this was the signature chair that would be seen in a barber’s salon.


8. The Hidden Message

popular barber tattos

When one asks for creativity in their tattoos, they get it just right when going for barber tattoos. This one right here has a double-meaning which shows the tools of a barber as well as the word “Love”.


9. A Date To Remember

barber tattoo with a date to remember

If you have a special date you never want to forget, for instance, the day you got your first tattoo, then you may go for this tattoo which shows a date and a barber cutting a man’s hair.


10. The Barber’s Signature Mustache

barber's tattoo with a mustache

Barbers, back in the past used to have big and thick mustaches due to which it became their signature look. For people who like simple and small tattoos can get this inked on the backside of the arm to try something new.


11. The Angry Barber

Some people like to get fierce and wild tattoos inked on them. This tattoo right here has an angry looking barber with his tools flying around him that perfectly depicts a nice version of the barber’s tattoo.


12. Finger Tattoos

When you have your entire body filled with tattoos and don’t have a place left to get a new one that you desperately want, then you can go for finger tattoos which states “Barber” along with a scissor and a comb on the last two fingers.


13. The Barber’s Trimmer

The most important tool of a barber is his trimmer. Without it, he cannot perform the extra services one demands to set their hair in style. This tattoo is what one should go for if they’re looking for full forearm coverage.


14. Hands Begging for Mercy

This representation of a barber’s tattoo is something unique and divine. It shows hands begging for mercy with a pair of scissors in between, which seems like a barber has made a mistake while performing his task and now regrets for messing with the wrong person.


15. The Miniature Blade

barber tattoo with a miniature blade

Hand tattoos that are as small as an inch are becoming a trend in tattoo art. The one in the picture is a small blade used by barbers, although some laws don’t allow the use of blades to style the hair due to its sharp edge that might cause deep cuts.


16. A Cut from The Sharp Blade on Forearm

barber's tattoo on forearm

Like previously mentioned, blades can cause serious deep cuts; this guy actually got a blade with a deep cut inked on him that looks surreal.


17. The Barber’s Pole

For every profession, there are symbols or objects used as an identity to show the purpose of the job, like in this case the barber’s pole is seen outside every shop which looks like a twisted candy that depicts red color for blood in arteries, white for bandage and blue for the blood in veins.


18. An Artistic Pair of Scissors

Mixing two concepts of art can make a very beautiful piece altogether, like the one in the picture that shows abstract art with a barber’s tattoo.


19. The Neck Tattoo

If you want something new on your body, then going for a neck barber tattoo would be great. It has a pair of scissors and a comb inked in a cross which looks amazing.


20. The Rainbow-Colored Barber’s Accessories

barber tattoo with colours

While most people prefer going for black ink only tattoos, some also love having colorful tattoos that make them feel alive. This rainbow-colored barber tattoo is super-attractive and also very artistic which has a comb and pair of scissors with flowers and leaves blooming from behind.


21. The Basic Scissors

Sometimes going for a basic tattoo is all that one needs to make them feel happy. This picture gives an idea of what to get inked on your forearm that looks very basic.


22. The Non-identical Pair of Twin Accessories

One may also call it the couple’s barber tattoo as it’s inked at the same place on two hands, one which has a comb and the other which has a blade.


23. The Vintage Barber’s Chair

This tattoo would look perfect on one’s arm if they’re looking for a black ink barber tattoo. It is the red chair’s sister that is mostly seen in salons used for customers who come in to get their services done.


24. The Infinite Motivational Quote

barber tattoo with quotes

Many people like having motivational saying inked on their bodies like the one shown in the picture above. It has a quote along with a barber’s tattoo mix which is a new addition to this category.

Most Popular Barber Quotes And Memes


25. The Funky Barber Stuff

funky barber tattoo

This colorful tattoo is great for female barbers. This hairspray and hair dryer are vibrantly colored.


26. Barber and Client Tattoo

A visual of your barber title is another cool take on tattoos. This one features a black and white barber styling his client’s hair.


27. Tiny Tools Tattoo

A small tattoo like these scissors and shaving tools is tasteful and will always draw attention to your trimmed up hairdo.


28. The Best of Both Worlds

Can’t decide between a barber pole and hair tools? Combine them both like this colorful tatoo does.


29. Barbers In Love

If your soulmate is also in the hair business, get matching barber tattoos. Depicted here are two clasped hands and a hair tool you can engrave with the year you got together.


30. Barber with Amazing Hair

Another great barber tattoo option is a male or female stylist with a snazzy haircut. This one features a barber with a thick detailed beard and mustache.


To conclude, of all the hundreds and thousands of barber tattoo ideas that have been inked on people upon their requests to the tattoo artists, we were able to jot down the above barber tattoos that are trending and worth the try if one wants to get done on them.

From double meaning barber tattoos to artistic depictions, these tattoos should definitely be on one’s wish list of getting inked on them and feel like a true fan of the world of barbers and their tools that they use for providing the services in the salons.

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