8 Beard Styles & Essential Tools for Any Bearded Guy

Facial hair is trending as the symbol of manhood among the men worldwide. Men are embracing different beard styles to flaunt themselves as a ‘Debonair’. But singling out the ‘The One’ among the variety of styles is challenging.  So have a look at these 8 beard styles & the tools to style your facial hair.

Choosing a beard style depends on the face shape and the hair type. You can pick your desired one from the list below.


Short Beard

short beard style

The short beard also is known as stubble which is 1/2 days of beard growth after saving. It’s casual, easy to maintain and goes well with various face structures. Men who want to avoid clean-shaven face at the same time don’t want to have long beard can try this style.


Full Beard

full beard style for men

The naturally long and bushy facial hair styles around the whole face are known as a full beard. It suits with voluminous hair type which can be drawn and grown to high length. One just has to let it grow gradually & can easily switch to other styles by doing some trimming here & there.


Unshaven Beard

Unshaven Beard Style

This beard type is similar to short beard with slightly longer strands. One can grow this normally to their desired length after shaving or can trim it to their desired length. This style is for the men who want to get a disheveled yet handsome look.


Beard Drawn

drawn beard style

Drawn beard has recently been liked by the guys who prefer aligned and ready to go style. In this style, beard lines are shaped accordingly with the face shape.

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Beard with Sides Volume

Beard Style with Side Volume for Men

If you have thinner facial hair you can choose volume on sides beard style. It’s a style that highlights the hair on chops & sideburns. This style gives a quite rebellious look & are embraced by men lately.


Beard With Volume On The Neck

If you want an old-school yet classy look you can try out this style. This beard is a form of full beard from chin to the half of the neck. It goes well with thick & evenly grown beard. Guys with thin beard should avoid it.



Goatee Beard Style

Goatee beard is most famous among men. It generally incorporates a mustache connected with the beard of chin region & other parts of the face are cleanly shaven. There are 6 types of goatee. To be a goatee it doesn’t always require a mustache.


Beard With Mustache

Mustache for men

Mustache plays a vital role in styling men’s facial hair. Some men even like to traditionally flaunt their mustache. Moustache can be of different sizes and shapes. If anybody can find a suitable style it can be a part of their personality.

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Tools for Styling Beard

To styling a beard it is necessary to know & use the right tools. The accessories may vary depending on the style and shape. Some tools may provide more perfection than the rest so one needs to consider the options carefully.



razor for styling beard

Razor helps to get maximum perfection. It ensures the right amount of cut & helps to draw the line. It is quite sharp and needs to be handled with care.



Scissors are styling companion for men with long/full beard. This tool helps to reshape, to trim and to align the hair. It is easy to use though one has to be cautious with it.


Razor Blade

razor blade for styling beard

While considering shaving the first thing that comes into a man’s mind is the razor blade. It is cheaper and used by all men. Men feel comfortable using razor while styling or shaving their facial hair. But, one needs to be careful with it.


Electric Shaver

electric shaver for beard style

An electric shaver is ideal for the men with a short beard. Guys who don’t want to shave or waste much time doing prefer this tool. It is best for styling a stubble beard.


Choosing the best style and shape for you varies with the beard type, face shape & the style itself. With all of the numerous options out there picking the right style and the tools to get it perfect is a must. So break a leg & get your aspired look.

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