40 Epic Beard Styles Without Mustache

6. Neckbeard

A neck beard is another glorious way to make a statement. This beard style without a mustache is so impressive any other facial hair growth would just ruin it. Beware, not everyone has enough hair on their necks to grow such a beard.


7. Classic goatee

Beard Styles Without Mustache

A classic goatee doesn’t require a mustache. So if you are after class beard styles, you need to forget about the hair growth on your upper lips. Small goatees are easy to maintain especially if you don’t need to worry about mustache trimming.


8. Full goatee

Beard Styles Without Mustache

This full beard and goatee mix are a wonderful choice for men who are not afraid of beard shaping. This style is impressive yet very neat and stylish. Any man with enough patience and thick hair can produce such a masterpiece.


9. Slightly bearded

If you are just starting to grow a beard and the hair is sticking out all over the place, don’t make the picture worse by growing a tiny mustache. Unless you can grow an impressively thick stubble on your upper lip, shave the mustache off.


10. Style mix

Both goatee and chinstrap are considered to be beard styles without mustaches. If you are going for the mix of the two, the mustache is definitely out of the question. If you are into the classics, keep your upper lip shaved.