50 Best Half Up Half Down Hairstyles to Try in 2017

6. Braided coronet

half up half down braid

If you want to make a real soft and natural impression, consider getting a flower crown and braiding it into your hair. The locks in the back will look as if they are a natural extension of the coronet.


7. Simple twist

half up half down twist

There is nothing more beautiful than natural simplicity. Don’t go overboard with accessories. You can create your own half up half down wedding hairstyle by twisting two front strands and tying them in the back.


8. Asymmetrical braid

french braid half up half down for beautiful brides

Simple braids are not a good choice for a wedding hairstyle while asymmetrical braids will do a great job making you look fantastic. Just one of these braids in the back of your head will make the guests sigh with awe.

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9. Braid extravaganza

nice Braid extravaganza hairstyle

If you have thick locks, you can make several braids with the front strands and arrange them as a crown on top of your head. If your hair is thin, consider getting a weave. The effect will be the same.


9. Runaround braid

wedding hairstyle for half up half down

Runaround braid does a good job holding the half up half down wedding hairstyle in place. The rest of the hair is left to fall down your back. You can diversify this hairstyle with flowers and accessories.


10. Complicated braiding


This hairstyle should better be trusted to a professional stylist and the result will exceed your expectations. It is a good choice for women with thick and curly hair that is hard to keep in place.

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