85 Inverted Bob Haircuts Trending Right Now

26. Straight Inverted Bob

Straight Inverted Bob

We have seen several examples of how you can style an inverted bob to frame the face. It also can be worn straight. It offers the ease of preparation that comes with a bob. It is also great for women that tend to have flat hair and find it difficult to get a fuller look.


27. Medium Length

The medium length bob haircut provides a great medium between the shorter look that we saw in #9 and the longer look that we just saw in #26.

It still offers the benefits that come with a haircut that properly frames the face and that is simply easy to care for. It also allows you to style it in multiple ways to create everything from a very “old school” to a very elegant look.


28. Long “Non-Bob”

Long “Non-Bob”

We have stated multiple times that the bob is one of the most versatile cuts out there. This model illustrates just that. She is sporting a longer bob that we like to call a “non-bob”.

We like to call it that because you have to look very closely to even notice that it is a bob. But, it offers the same benefits as the long and flat bobs. If you look closely at her left shoulder then you see how her hair still is bobbed in the back.


29. Long Bob with Bangs

Long Bob with Bangs
Bob with bangs is yet another wonderful illustration of the inverted bob’s versatility. Our model has a slightly rounded face. The sides of the bob frame that well. But, she also wants to take attention away from her forehead. By letting the bangs grow and cutting them level with her eyebrows, she is able to still properly frame her face.


30. Great Medium Bob

Great Medium Bob

A bob is a great way to provide options when styling your hair. We have seen long bobs of several different lengths, some were teased to create a big hair look, and some were flat. This model is showing the greatest example of a medium bob that we have seen.

It frames her face well and provides the benefits of not having hair on your neck. It wouldn’t take her long to get ready in the morning or after work.


31. Inverted Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob

Wavy hair poses some challenges. Unless you want to spend a large amount of time curling or straightening then it can be difficult to find a cut that works with your natural curls. But, we are all strapped for time these days.

So, any option that is lower maintenance is wonderful. That is exactly what you find with the wavy bob. Our model has done some straightening but you can still see how her natural waves, around the middle and ends, creates a very classic look. She explains that this look is “straight out of bed”.


32. Wavy Highlighted Bob

Wavy Highlighted inverted bob haircut and hairstyle

There are many different ways to add depth to any hairstyle. This is true about the bob. Our model has created a look of hair that has incredible depth by using highlights with her bob. The look of great depth and body is aided by her wavy hair.

The light hits the highlights in such a way that her hair’s natural body is accentuated. This is a wonderful example of how the bob can be used to accentuate the natural traits of any hair.


33. Long Swing Bob

Long Swing Bob
This is a hairstyle that is extremely popular right now. If you are looking for a hairstyle that provides you optimal performance then you should consider the long swing bob.


34. Another Short Bob

Another Short Bob

Why would we include two short bobs? We did this because we wanted to showcase that a bob is more about the shape of your face then it is your body type. Our model here illustrates that a short bob works well, no matter what body type you are.


35. Dark Hair Bob

Dark Hair Bob

This bob is an illustration of how it works with all hair colors. Our model has very dark, wavy, and shiny hair. This is quite the combination to find the right hairstyle for. But, as you can see, the bob is perfect for her. It creates a very beautiful, versatile, and easy to care for look.