85 Inverted Bob Haircuts Trending Right Now

36. Inverted Messy Bob

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 21

This messy medium-sized bob is great for women who have wavy hair and are not ready to go to great lengths to keep it neat. This bob is initially created to look great when messy, so there is no need to worry about daily styling.


37. Rounded Long Bob

Rounded Long Bob
This type of bob style is great for women that have a round face. The hair curves towards the ends. The length pairs with the curve to properly frame the face. As you can see with the model below, you don’t even initial notice the hairstyle. Your eye is immediately drawn to the model’s face. This is exactly what you want in a great hairstyle.


38. Creative color play

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 23

If you are looking to make a statement or are just tired of standard looking haircuts, go for creative color play. You can color just the frontal tips of your inverted bob to make your hairstyle fresh and unique. Experiment with different shades!


39. Get red!

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 24

Wild hair colors might seem out of the question for some women. However, you should try everything at least once, so why not start with your hair? Girls with light skin will look great sporting a bright red bob with side swept bangs.


40. Blunt bangs

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 25

If you are ready to do some daily styling, then blunt bangs are a wonderful choice. Such bangs look great with an inverted bob, since they do wonders for outlining your eyes. Blunt bangs do a great job hiding forehead wrinkles.


41. Hair extensions

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 26

Tired of your short bob and are looking for ways to improve it? Go for hair extensions. A weave can turn your bob into a real long hairstyle, so you can flaunt the long locks you’ve always wanted. Hair extensions need regular touch ups.


42. Long bob

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 27

Inverted bob hairstyles don’t have to be short to look perfect. If you don’t want to cut too much of your hair off, you can try a longer bob. The front parts can fall down your chest as low as you wish. Just make the back short and stacked.


43. Short and cute

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 28

Bob is a perfect hairstyle to add some cuteness to your image. The shorter you make your bob, the cuter you will look. Don’t make the frontal strands too long. Leave them at chin length. Make the back part a couple of inches shorter.


44. Very short inverted bob

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 29

If you are tired of long hair and looking for something short to replace your hairstyle, you can try a very short inverted bob haircut. This option is perfect for girls with fine hair. It is also great, since it requires little maintenance.


45. Long, straight and angled

bob hairstyle for girl

If you want a really impressive hairstyle, you can go for a long, straight and angeled bob. While looking truly original and stunning, this hairstyle requires a lot of care. In order for the angles to look neat, you will need very frequent brushing.