85 Inverted Bob Haircuts Trending Right Now

46. Medium length with side swept bangs

side swept bangs bob haircut for nice women

Medium-sized bobs are the most popular ones and they look great on almost all hair types. If your locks are wavy, such a bob will look amazing. Add side swept bangs and your image will become even more stylish.


47. Inverted bob with Highlights

Inverted Bob 32

Well-made highlights can turn any simple haircut into a masterpiece. If you have an inverted bob hairstyle, added highlights will make your image truly unique. Ask your hairstylist for the color mix pictured on the photo. You won’t regret it!


48. Short and textured

cute women Short bob hairstyle

Girls with thick hair can go for this short and textured bob, which is quite simple to make and very easy to maintain. Add some long swept bangs into the picture and make the hairstyle a little messy. You will love the result.


49. Wild colors

Inverted Bob 34

If you are into extravagant hairstyles, you can make this short bob with wild highlights. Don’t be afraid of using really bright colors. Dye your bangs and several frontal strands for great effect. The rest of the hair can be left natural.


50. Short stacked inverted bob

Inverted Bob 35

Short stacked inverted bobs are great for any hair type. Girls with fine hair can use them to add their locks more volume. Women with thick hair can create this hairstyle to keep their unruly locks neat. If you are ready for some morning maintenance, this bob can be the best choice.


51. Accessorize



Simple short bobs look fantastic but sometimes women need some diversity. Cutting the bob even shorter is often not even considered. Dyeing it with wild colors might be scary. So, the third way out is adding some interesting accessories.


52. Add some layers

Layered bob cut for cute girl

Girls with fine hair might not get the volume they need from a simple inverted bob. That’s when the bob with layers comes in. Layers will add the hairstyle some volume and help make a completely different haircut out of your simple bob.


53. Inverted pixie

Inverted Bob 38

If your hair is too short to make a classical inverted bob, then you can opt for a stylish inverted pixie. The hair in the back is cut very short, while the frontal strands are left longer. The bangs are also long and can be highlighted for further effect.


54. Blunt bob

Blunt bob haircut you like

A blunt bob is a very impressive hairstyle and can be a good replacement for its inverted counterpart. Such bob requires a lot of maintenance to stay neat. You can make it any length you like. Just make sure to brush it as often as possible.


55. Wavy Ombre

Wavy ombre bob hairstyle for young girl

A wavy inverted bob will look great with an ombre. If your hair is naturally wavy, your hairstylist will have loads of work to do in order to create a really impressive angled bob. If you will want to stick to it, you can go further to experiment with colors.