85 Inverted Bob Haircuts Trending Right Now

56. Round and asymmetrical

Inverted Bob 41

Asian girls like sporting round bobs. In order to make your bob even more special, make it “half inverted” by growing the hair long on just one side. The asymmetry will look very stylish on a round bob and will help you make a statement.


57. Short bob with short bangs

cute women with Short bob hair

Short chin-length bobs are great for women with long face types. They are easy to create, help make the face appear more oval and are low in maintenance. You can add short blunt bangs to create an even better impression.


58. Wavy and messy

Inverted Bob 43

Wavy hair is very hard to cut well enough to create a classical inverted bob. However, you can still opt for it. Make the frontal strands much longer than the back, so the curls don’t obscure the level difference.


59. Curly Inverted Bob with Bangs

Inverted Bob 44

Not every hairstylist can turn your curly locks into a neat angled bob, so more often than not you will have to settle for a short and messy bob. No need to worry, it will still look fantastic! Add asymmetrical bangs to complete the look.


60. Go low

low bob hair cut for nice women

Very long a-line bobs look very stylish. The frontal stands can get as low as you wish. However, the longer the bob, the harder it is to take care of. If you are not afraid of the hassle, you can sport a very stylish haircut!


61. Wedding weave

Inverted Bob 46

Your very fashionable inverted bob might not be what you want for your wedding. So, you can add a weave to get any hairstyle you wish for that one special day. Once the wedding is over, you can go back to your favorite haircut.


62. Sombre
most favorite bob haircut for girl

Ombres are not as popular as they used to be and they are being replaced by sombres. Make your short bob even more stylish by making the color transition almost invisible. Your sun-kissed sombre will definitely make some heads turn your way.


63. Stacked and neat

Inverted Bob 49

This amazing stacked and neat bob will look great on women with dark and straight hair. The frontal strands are a bit longer than chin-length. The back is stacked up in the middle. Such hairstyle is suitable for women of all occupations.


64. Short blond bob with blunt bangs


Short blond bob with blunt bangs is considered to be the classics. Such haircut is best fitted for women with long faces and fine hair. Short blunt bangs outline the eyes, while a-line bob adds volume and style to the hair.


65. Creative bob and pixie mix

Creative bob hairstyle for black women

This creative hairstyle will do wonders for making any girl look impressive. The short pixie is complemented by long frontal strands that make it appear as an inverted bob. Try this mix together with highlights and you will definitely be the center of attention.






















Finding the right inverted bob hairstyle is never easy. If you are afraid of wild experiments, you can start with the classics. Go on to more complicated and interesting bobs to make your image even more fantastic. Give a couple of these bobs a chance and you will love the way you look!