Two Tone Hair: How to Dye & 35 Ways to Style

6. Pink and Blue Two-Tone

Nice Pink and Blue Two-Tone hair color

Harley Quinn was getting a lot of play last year thanks to the new Marvel movie. Many women opted for this pink and blue two-tone in order to pay homage to the character.


7. Pink and Blonde

This pink and blonde two-toned hair color is beautifully done. The front has been colored pink and has some blonde intermittently throughout.

Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown & Red Hair


8. Black and Blue Two-Tone

This dreamy blue sits like a beautiful puff cloud over her head. The combination of this vibrant blue with her black/dark brown hair is definitely jaw dropping as it compliments her skin tone and is far from overbearing.


9. Blonde and Red Two-Tone

 Blonde and Red Two Tone hair color for girl

If you’re a red-head looking to spice things up, why not try framing the face with some blonde? This red and blonde two-tone color idea will draw attention directly to your face since that’s where the highlight color sits. Not only will this brighten up your look, but it will also offer you some great variety in terms of styling.


10. Blonde and Blue Two-Tone

cool Blonde and Blue Two-Tone haircut

We love the vibrancy of this color combination and it’s clear to see why. This electric blue stands tall alongside its blonde companion, making it pop like never before.