Two Tone Hair: How to Dye & 35 Ways to Style

31. Mermaid Hairstyle

From regular golden blonde hair, you can get an amazing toned and summer-ready hairstyle. Mixing hair dyes is something great, so don’t run away from it. Purple, pink, as well as your golden blonde shade, makes an amazing colored hairstyle that reminds us of mermaids.


32. Burgundy and Red

Red is washed out easily, but the fact is that it looks wonderful on our heads. Dark red, aka burgundy, is located in hair underneath the first layer. It can be shown off when you make an updo or you wrap hair in a bun. This two tone hair coloring great for all girls who like to wear fiery red hair dyes.


33. Two-Toned Twists

Cornrows are also known as a protective style for all girls who want to keep their natural hair healthy. They are most popular among African-American women because cornrows represent a part of their culture. We should all thank them for introducing us to this style of braiding hair! These twists look more than interesting for daily wear.


34. Space Buns

Two-Tone Space Buns for Women

Space buns are one of the easiest and most fashionable styles to work with. They are great for both daily wear when you are at home, and for parties, festivals, etc. These buns can appear even more attractive if you decide to dye them in pink and yellow.


35. Box Braids Updo

Black Women with Two Color Braids

Braids on long hair will protect your hair, as well as make your summer outfits look cooler than before. Just dye some of your braids and go for some eye-catching shade, such as platinum blonde. Your two-toned hair never looked better.


No matter which colors you choose, the concept of the two-tone hairstyles is definitely one that is incredibly awesome when executed correctly. If you want to try a two-tone style but aren’t too confident in doing it yourself, head to a professional stylist with pictures of how you want your end result to look and they will take great care of you and your hair. Which color combination is your favorite?