10 Best Wavy Hair Tutorials On YouTube You Can’t Miss

Watching YouTube hair tutorials for wavy hair is a fantastic way to learn how to quickly but flawlessly style your hair. You can discover how to achieve a beachy coiffure using a curling iron, hot rollers, or no heat at all.

Better still, the tutorials you watch can just serve as a guideline. Once you know the techniques, you can put together a styling regimen that works for you and results in the waves you crave.


Best YouTube Video Tutorials On Wavy Hair

Everyone wants to speed up their hair routine. You always want your hair to look phenomenal, but spending tons of time on your hairstyle isn’t any fun. That’s where wavy hairstyling video tutorials on YouTube can come in handy.

Let beauty gurus teach you foolproof techniques for speedy styling. You can step out with a fab ‘do every day without wasting a ton of time.


1: Whip Out Your Curling Iron

Kristina Aranilla easily has one of the best wavy hair tutorials on YouTube. As long as your hair is dry and you have a curling iron, it won’t take long at all. Don’t worry; you don’t end up with pronounce spiraled curls, either—just soft waves with lots of volume.

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2: Pump Up the Volume

Alexandrea Garza’s beachy waves are on-point and perfect, but I really love the bump of volume she creates just after the midpoint of the video. If you love the look, you may want to invest in some hot rollers.


3: From Braids to Waves

Who doesn’t love using a no-heat method to achieve a gorgeous hairstyle? Vivian V shows you a tried and true way to get bountiful waves without using a degree of heat: braids. They don’t even need to be neat, tidy, or even.


4: Braided Pigtails

Zitha Nim, twists the braiding method—literally—in this innovative wavy hair tutorial from YouTube. This time, you need to part your hair in the middle so you can create braided bun or pigtails. You twist and roll each braid into a bun or updo, which will give your waves an entirely new dimension.

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5: Natural Waves

Texturizing spray and a curling iron—those are the only two items you really need to get beach-inspired waves like Maria Bethany’s. The resulting coif appears all natural and utterly flawless.


6: Waves for Short Hair

Don’t worry— there are shorter methods to achieve natural, subtle waves, particularly if you have a shorter crop. In this wavy hair tutorial, Chloe Brown shows you how to rely just on your curling iron.

That’s hard with short hair because it’s easy to end up with tight spirals, but Chloe also reveals how you can perfect a relaxed wave.



7: An Easier Wave

Just because you have shorter locks, that doesn’t mean you can’t splash out with full, lush waves, too. Ali Bailey has a fab tutorial for women with short hair. Although texture products help, the real MVP in this tutorial is the hairdryer.


8: Old Hollywood Glam

Oh, that glam aesthetic! It’s timeless but undeniably vintage. A body wave takes a lot of patience and precision, but the final coiffure is more than worth the effort. Just peep at how stunning Peyton Maree Charles looks with her waves. Browse the best celebrity hairstyle ideas with short hair.


9: From Wet to Waves

To quench your craving for big, bold waves that resemble thick, relaxed curls, let Dulce Candy show you the way. She gives you the full experience, from wet hair to wavy locks.


10: Laid Back and Lovely

MakeupByAlli has a stunning wavy hair tutorial on YouTube that’s ideal for date nights, special events, or a regular Wednesday night. These beach waves are trending big, so set aside 10 minutes to watch her reveal each step of the hairdo.

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What are your favorite wavy hair tutorials on YouTube? Let us know how you style your waves!

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