Best Wedding Hairstyle for A Black Woman: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

While each woman wants to look the best on her special day, not all the hair is created equal. Wedding hairstyles for black women are somewhat different from what women with lighter and less thick hair can take advantage of. Black women have plenty of interesting options to choose from, including all types of braids and thick updos. If you are planning a wedding and wondering what to do with your hair, you probably have hundreds of options firing at you from your computer screen. If narrowing them down since like an impossible task, we are glad to offer you some help.


How To Choose The Perfect Black Wedding Hairstyle

african american bride wedding hairstyle

Choosing the perfect black wedding hairstyle fully depends on your hair and your preference. First of all, ask yourself what you want in the hairstyle.

75 Handy Wedding Hairstyles for Black Brides to Feel Special

1. Do You Want Volume?

If you want volume, you should go for updos. Your hair is most likely thick enough to create a voluminous bun or a braid. If not, opt for hair extensions.


2. Do You Want Length?

If your hair is too short to create a flowing hairstyle you always dreamed of? Hair extensions are there to help you. You can choose from a wide variety of braids from Senegalese to cornrows. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of sew-ins to add some soft unbraided locks.


3. Do You Want Comfort?

If you want to feel comfortable during the wedding and forget about constant touchups, you need an updo. Having flowing locks might look beautiful but it requires special hair. Any braided updos or buns can make you forget about your hair for the whole day while looking more than stunning.


4. Do You Want Color?

Are you tired of your black tresses and want to create something special for your wedding? Consider getting highlights. Adding just a few partial highlights to your black mane can make a magnificent difference in your image. You don’t have to actually dye your hair, you can use hair extensions for highlights.

Twist Braids for Black Women

5. Do You Want Accessories?

If you are into jewelry, you might want to use various hair accessories for your black wedding hairstyle. You need to adjust your hairstyle to the accessories you want to use. Meanwhile, they should match your wedding dress.