40 Epic Short Bob Hairstyles Every Black Women Should Try

The variety of amazing short bob haircuts for black women is truly breathtaking. So if you are an African American girl and are looking for the best way to change your hairstyle, a bob can be a great way out. Short hairstyles help black girls deal with their unruly and curly hair. If you are a fan of straightening out your hair, it will be much easier to do with short locks than a long mane. Bobs come in all shapes and sizes.

There are angled, stacked, asymmetrical and simple bobs. They look awesome with all types of bangs or no fringe at all. Choosing the right option is not easy but it’s doable and will allow you to enjoy your new hairstyle to the fullest extent.


Coolest Black Short Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles

If your skin is black and you are brave enough to go for a style change, there are amazing short bob hairstyles for you to try. Black women look good with all types of bobs. Due to their dark skin tone, they can experiment with all kinds of shades. Blond and red bobs are the most popular ones. However, natural black curly bobs are in style as well.

We have collected 40 fabulous short bob hairstyles for you to try and enjoy. Consider your face type and go on to choosing the right bob for you. Give one of these black short bob hairstyles a try and you won’t regret it!

#1: Choppy Bob Hairstyle for Medium Hair

 Choppy Bob Hairstyle for women

This blond short bob haircut will make any black woman look good as long as it’s kept neat. Medium-length side swept bangs and angled ends are a great choice for any girl who wants to look neat and stylish.


#2: Sleek Bob for Medium Hair

Bob Hairstyles 2

This cute short bob with inverted ends will be a great choice for black women with round faces who want to look younger. Long side-swept bangs are perfect for making the face look more oval.


#3: Asymmetrical Bob with Short Side-Swept Bangs

Blunt Bob with short hair bob

Asymmetry is in style. So if you are ready to keep your blunt bob neat, make the sides different in length. Short side-swept bangs will make this bob even prettier.


#4: Wavy bob hairstyle for medium Hair

The short bob hairstyle looks charming because of the short and neat waves. Add some light brown highlights to complete the look.

Short Stacked Bob Hairstyles


#5: Asymmetrical bob hairstyle with wispy ends

short hair bob for black girl
In this black short bob hairstyle, one side of the hair ends near the chin area and the other one reaches your shoulders.  It looks perfect when straight but you can try curls as well.


#6: Very short bob haircut for black women

Bob Hairstyles 6If you are a fan of short haircuts but are not ready for a pixie just yet, this amazing bob is for you. Side swept long bangs add it a lot of styles.


#7: Short Sew in bob

nice short bobs for colour haircut
If you need to add your bob some volume and even more style, go for sew-in hair extensions. They can make a simple hairstyle look truly fashionable.


#8: Diva bob haircut

Bob Hairstyles 8
This messy yet stylish bob will give you a confident look and make you appear prominent in public. This is a good hairstyle for long and oval faces.


#9: Rebel long bob layers hairstyle



This voluminous short bob hairstyle is perfect for black women who like to keep their curls intact and are not ready for daily straightening. It is also ideal for black girls who have narrow facial features.


#10: Long bob hairstyle with blunt bangs

Bob Hairstyle
This long bob hairstyle is best for black women with oval faces. You can keep your locks straight or curly. Just make sure that you straighten out the fringe to make it blunt.

Most Popular Short Haircuts for Black Women


#11: Cropped bob with short bands

Crop short bobs for thin hair
This is a perfect short bob for girls with oval or long faces. It looks very neat but will require some work on your part. You will need to straighten it out on a regular basis and keep the bangs short and neat.


#12: Short bob with fluffy curls

Bob Hairstyles 12
Curls are something many black women love to flaunt. There is no reason to get rid of them if you want a bob. Just keep the curls neat and fluffy to give the bob some shape.


#13: Short and Lightly Curled Bob

Lightly curled bob for sweet black girl
This soft bob will look especially well on girls with oval or long faces. Inverted ends and long bangs will make you look sweet and sexy at the same time.


#14: Chin length bob haircut

Bob Hairstyles 14
This simple yet elegant short bob haircut for black women will make your long face look more round. Just make sure to style it daily and keep your locks straight.


#15: Highlights bob hairstyle

Highlights bob for black women
If you already have a short bob and are looking for a change, dye it a different color. Black women look great with light hair, so start with some dark blond highlights.


#16: Mixed style

Bob Hairstyles
Straight hair on top and wavy on the bottom is a great idea for a special occasion. This hairstyle will be easier to accomplish if your locks are layered.


#17: Sleek bob with side-swept bangs

Consider making this stylish bob with side-swept bangs if you have a high forehead. It will do a great job concealing your forehead wrinkles as well.


#18: Layered Bob

 Layered Bob for cool haircut
A layered bob is a great choice for black women with thin hair. It will make the top part of your locks look voluminous while the asymmetrical bangs will appear very stylish.


#19: Cute and neat

Cute and neat bob haircut
This very simple bob is the best way to look cute and neat. It will take 5 years off your age and will make you look fabulous on any occasion.


#20: Stylish bob with asymmetrical bangs

 Asymmetric bob with beautiful women hairstyle
This is a wonderful choice for black women who love experiments. Asymmetrical bob with asymmetrical bangs will make you the star of any dance floor while still giving you a respectable appearance in the office.


short bob hairstyles for black women





short bobs for black women





short bob haircuts for black women





short bob for black women






short bob hairstyles for black women



short bob for black women


Finding the right short bob hairstyle for black women is not easy. We hope we saved you time by offering this fashionable collection. Bobs are in style. So by choosing one of them, you can’t go wrong. Good luck!