101 Majestic Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

#51: Rows and Columns


Cornrows can be horizontal or vertical, but if you want a completely different look then you can try mixing up both styles. This will create an amazingly eye-catching and funky new look to wow your friends.


#52: Side-swept Asymmetrical Style

 Asymmetrical Style for black women

This side swept bob style is a brilliant new take on a soft Afro. If you have course hair then you may need to relax it a little bit to give it enough flexibility to be swept over from one side to the other.


#53: Serious Afro

Serious Afro natural blonde hairstyle for girl

Despite the fact that this style has been nicknamed a “serious” Afro, the hairstyle is all about being fun, funky and enjoying your natural hair. Although the style seems short because it doesn’t flow, your hair will actually have to be quite long to get an afro this big. Growing a serious Afro can take a long time, but it is worth it!


#54: Purple Tint


Give your ‘fro a hint of colour by choosing a dye that adds a purple tint to your hair. If you have black hair, dyes which give a hint of colour when the light catches it are actually much better for your hair than more overt dyes are. This is because they do not normally require you to apply bleach before applying the dye. This will keep your natural hair healthier.


#55: Bangs and a Bun

cute little girl Bangs and a Bun hairstyle

Leave a section of your hair loose in natural corkscrew curls and then pull this hair forward to create beautiful bangs. Pull the rest of your hair taut to straighten out the kinks and then wrap it around and up into a tight bun on the back of your head.


#56: Stylish Mullet


A mullet is usually defined as short hair at the front with much longer hair at the back. This is a stylish take on the mullet style. Put the shorter front sections in cornrows and then allow the longer rear sections to hang down in gorgeous cornrow curls.


#57: High-Top Criss Cross Curls

curly natural hairstyle for women

Divide your hair into two sections. Draw them both up as if you were creating a high bun on the top of your head, but make sure that you criss-cross the sections into a lattice formation. Leave a few strands of hair down to draw attention to your eyes and face, which will complete this funky look.


#58: Two-Tone Pixie Cut

natural Pixie hair Cut for black girl

This is a pixie cut with a difference. Colour the very top section of your hair a beautiful caramel blonde colour but leave the rest of your hair a dark black colour. The black colour will still be visible below the caramel, which can help to give your hair gorgeous texture and depth.


#59: Corkscrew Curls with a Side Parting


Parting your hair at on side will give you an asymmetrical style and can help to create move volume on one side of your head than on the other. This style is tried and tested, and can be worn as an everyday style or for a night out. Hundreds of thousands of women choose this style every single day.


#60: Perfect Pineapple


Flip your head upside down so that all of your hair falls straight down. Bunch it together on the top of your head and secure with a hair elastic. Your hair will splay out like the top of a perfect pineapple. You can only achieve this perfect look if you have African-textured hair which has the right combination of stiffness and springiness.