101 Majestic Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

#61: Wavy Pixie Cut

balck women Wavy Pixie Cut

Keep your hair cut short around the front, sides and back. If you have lightly wavy hair, it will add a little bit of texture to your beautiful pixie cut. Run your fingers through your hair a few times to give your hair a more tousled style.


#62: Mid-Afro in Caramel


A mid-length Afro looks amazing if you have a longer face shape or higher cheekbones. Use an afro comb to help to keep everything looking perfect. Colour the very tips of your hair a delicious caramel colour, but leave the roots black to make your hair look deeper and thicker.


#63: Number 2 Cut with Tramlines


Ask your stylist to use a hair trimmer to give you a uniform length number 2 cut. Once your hair is the same length all over your head, you can use a razor to cut a poker straight tramline into either side of your hair near to the top. This style screams high fashion supermodel cut.


#64: Thick French Braids

best Thick French hairstyle for men

These thick French Braids really stand out because they do not sit flush with the head. Weave the braids only part of the way back down your head and then pull the rest of your hair up into a high pony. Twist your hair and clip it up.


#65: Frizzy Corkscrews


Love your frizz in this cool corkscrew style. A little bit of frizz does not matter, as long as you can still define the shape of each curl. Frizziness can also help your curls to look a little bit softer.


#66: Afro with a Large Forehead

cute women Afro with a Large Forehead

If you have a larger forehead, a perfectly symmetrical Afro might be a great choice for you. The symmetry of the design may help to make your features look perfectly proportional.


#67: Red or Dead

Short Natural Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women 2

A subtle hint of red is a great choice if you want to stand out in a crowd without making a scene. Dark red dye can easily be laid over dark browns and blacks to give a gorgeous subtle tint.


#68: Pompadour

 Pompadour women hairstyle

Although a pompadour is a retro look, this Afro pompadour is a totally modern look. Use styling gel to tease your hair up into a Fohawk with a pompadour quiff.


#69: Assymetrical Afro

Short Natural Hairstyle Assymetrical Afro

An asymmetrical Afro is a chic modern hairstyle for black women who want to wear their natural hair in a short style. Simply cut your hair shorter at one side than it is at the other side!


#70: Short Cut with Tramlines

Short Natural Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women 5

A short cut is an easy to maintain look, so it’s a perfect choice if you want a cool look but don’t have much time to spend on your hair. Simply use a razor to shave a distinct tramline into your hair at either side of your forehead.