101 Majestic Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

71. Tamed Down Natural Hair

tamed short natural hair for black women

A perfect look for a fierce and ambitious woman’s day of work. Very professional and classy, it’s easy to achieve this look by taming down your soft curls with styling gel. It will give it a wonderful finish, and your hair will stay in place all day too.


72. Short Tight Afro with Shaved Side

This is one of the most natural hairstyles for black women with short length hair. All my fierce girls should try out this edgy but short hairstyle. With the sides shaved neatly, the remaining hair is given a great structure according to the face. If you have naturally tighter and smaller curls, this hairstyle could be the one for you.


73. Short Hair with Messy Afro

This amazing hairstyle is not only feminine but also fierce in its own large way. It’s a bold statement making hairstyle which looks messy at first glance, but when you look at the small side braids, the detail blows you away. You can also accessorize it in the same way with some cute clips.


74. Straight Bob With Fierce Bangs

This straight hairstyle is easy to achieve and maintain as well. Get your hair straightened and into a bob that works best for your face. The bangs should be cut sharply to give it that fierce finishing touch.


75. Tapered Close Shave With Sharp Edges

short natural hairstyle for black women

If you know your face well, you can create a sharp edge around your forehead to make this tapered close shave look even more dynamic. It’s a beautiful low maintenance style that you can try for summer and then let it grow out during the rest of the year.


76. Small Tight Curls And Huge Afro

Small tight curls are lovely. All they need is good natural coconut oil every other night to keep them nice and shiny. When it comes to short natural hairstyles for black women, growing out these tight natural curls into a big bold afro is a great idea. However, don’t forget to keep this hairstyle well maintained as well.


77. Blonde Natural Hair Crew Cut

These close shaved crew cuts are lovely on natural curly African hair. To spice it up even more, opt to bleach your hair with blonde dye. This haircut gives a functional and super chic look which is easy to maintain on an everyday basis too. Once your hair grows out, you can get rid of the blonde after a while!


78. Side Part Natural Perm

Tightly permed curls is a wonderful hairstyle that makes them look neat and stylish. This is a cute look for young girls. It’s also a very charming look to have for a professional day to day basis. Its side part gives it a fresh young look.


79. Faded Shaved Sides with Straight Front Bangs

This short natural haircut is very stylish and professional for black women. The neat fade keeps it looking sharp. To achieve this hairstyle, trim down your sides and nape area and straighten the frontal hair. Apply some gel to keep it in place.


80. Short Crop with A Shaved Side Part

natural short crop hair with shaved side part

A cute short natural hairstyle for black women when it comes to short crops. This side part shaved design is the one addition that makes this look so perfect. It gives it much more depth. If you know your face well, you can easily achieve this look.