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Top 10 Blonde Hair Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

As you know, the convenience of coloring your hair at home makes hair dyeing the most manageable. However, coloring your hair at home can lead to some blunders. Everyone’s heard or lived through some mistakes when dyeing their hair blonde.

We want you to succeed at getting the blonde shade you want, and here’s how to avoid making some of the common blonde hair mistakes.

Things To Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair Blonde

Things To Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair Blonde

You should first understand that dyeing your hair blonde takes a lot of effort. There are loads of different shades, and you need to know how to protect your hair from heat damage.

Here’s everything to consider before dyeing your hair blonde:

  • Different shades suit different skin tones.
  • Using different purple shampoo after dyeing your hair.
  • Necessary hair treatments after you’ve dyed your hair.
  • Your everyday makeup products.

Wanting to dye your hair seems like an everyday occurrence for most people. However, they may feel the need to make a drastic change or lighten their hair with a more subtle change.

No matter your reasoning, you’ll want to consider outside factors before placing the color on your hair.

Blonde Hair Mistakes To Avoid

You’ll find that there are multiple types of blonde hair out there that you may be willing to try for yourself.

Below are 10 of the biggest blonde hair mistakes to avoid when trying to pull off this look:

1. Hot Roots

Blonde Hair Mistakes - Hot Roots

Hot roots are a common blonde hair mistake that is brighter than the rest of your hair. They make the roots of your hair look orange and drastically different from the rest of your hair.

Lightening your hair leaves hair vulnerable to exposing warm tones near your roots. These warm tones turn your hair orange and yellow. If your hair is naturally blonde, you don’t want to overly lighten the color lighter than your natural color.

A blonde hair mistake is going too light. To avoid hot roots, you should choose a blonde shade that includes ash tones. 

If you already have hot roots, then you need to fix them by toning them away. Next, you want to apply the toner to the root where your hair regrows.

2. Brassy Highlights

Blonde Hair Mistakes - Brassy Highlights

When people highlight their hair, they aim to create a sun-kissed effect. Brassy highlights are commonly the result of dye that is washed out too early or cheap at-home dyeing kits.

The easiest way to fix this mistake would be to do a weekly deep conditioning treatment. This routine will touch up your highlights without needing to reproduce the same color.

Another easy fix is trying a gloss on your hair. You want to keep your blonde hair vibrant, so glossing your hair prevents the color from turning orange. It also prevents your new highlights from fading and turning dull over time.

3. Lifting

 Another common blonde hair mistake is not lifting the color enough. Lifting hair means lightening your natural base color.

Avoid this mistake by using a developer to lighten your hair. However, this technique won’t dramatically lighten your hair, so you don’t have to worry about how the end result looks.

4. Washing Wrong

The biggest mistake comes from the way you might be washing your blonde hair. Pushing your shampoo to the ends of your hair will eventually dry out those strands.

To fix this, make sure your shampoo is only massaged into your scalp.

5. Using the Wrong Ingredients

Blonde Hair Mistakes - Using Wrong Ingredien

You should already know that sulfate-free hair products are the best for color-treated hair. You must make sure that you research all ingredients that could be harmful to your blonde hair.

Some products that include chamomile are known to yellow the undertones of your blonde hair. Therefore, avoiding products that keep your hair bright without stripping the color away is essential.

6. Using the Wrong Products

Anyone with blonde hair knows that purple shampoo is their most important product.

Other products include blow dryers, flat or curling irons, and other shampoo and conditioning products. Any heat added to your hair turns the strands brittle and dry.

If heat is necessary for your styling preference, it’s important to make sure your hair is clean. Any products, including hair spray, would burn or discolor your hair while applying heat.

7. Heating Your Hair Too Often

After you dye your hair blonde, you need to give it a break. The grave mistake that people make when dyeing their hair includes heat styling. When you dye your hair blonde, it’s almost certain that you’ll be using bleach.

Bleach plus heat leads to the breaking of the strands. In addition, the heat will damage your hair, whether at the roots or the ends. Finally, this damage leads to split ends.

8. Not Deepening Your Roots

Blonde Hair Mistakes - Not Deepening Hair Roots

A common blonde hair mistake is not leaving your roots darker than your ends. But of course, the only way you wouldn’t do this is if you’re going platinum blonde.

Leaving darker roots creates a more natural look. Since your hair grows at the root, having them darker will allow them to grow out the same dark color as your original hair.

9. Colored Hair Is Dry Hair

The process of dyeing your hair blonde will inevitably leave your hair drier than its initial color. Whether you’re dyeing your hair blonde or another color, the dye products constantly dry out your hair.

You should use a deep condition or a hair mask to hydrate your hair after dyeing. Using these treatments in place of a standard conditioner brings a softness that your hair may lack.

10. Shampooing Hair Every Day

Shampooing your hair every day isn’t good for color-treated hair. Yes, it’s good to remove dirt and oils. However, the shampoo also removes your hair color.

Switching between regular shampoos and dry shampoos will eliminate oil buildup throughout the week.


Is blonde hair hard to maintain?

Yes, when there are varying tones and highlights in your hair.

When does blonde hair turn brassy?

Blonde hair turns brassy when it’s exposed to the sun’s UV rays or salt or chlorine water.

Having blonde hair during the summer means you need to take extra care of your hair. Whether it’s avoiding the sun or the chlorine, you’ll be aggravating the brassiness.

Does blonde hair change face shape?

Hair color isn’t known for changing your face shape. Changing your hairstyle to shape your face in different ways would be why your shape changes.

Whether it’s bangs, curtain bangs, or different types of curls, your hair color wouldn’t be an effective change.

Why does blonde hair fall out?

The main reason why blonde hair falls out is due to the peroxide ingredient commonly found in products that maintain blonde hair. Peroxide is known for stripping protein from your hair, which causes it to break and weaken at the scalp.

How to moisturize blonde hair?

Apply oils, deep treatments, or leave-in conditioners to your hair.

Why is blonde hair so thin?

Blonde hair is known for being the thinnest among the colors. This is because natural blonde hair has a higher hair density.

Final Thoughts

Blonde hair mistakes can come from multiple places. Whether it’s your aftercare products or the box dye itself. Your new blonde hair can lead to stunning styles with the proper treatment.

Figuring out how to prevent blonde hair mistakes takes some extra effort, but your hair will thank you in the end. Finally, you’ll look and feel amazing with your new hair.