35 Best Bob Box Braids for 2020

24. Layered Bob Box Braids

black women Layered Bob Box Braids

Layered bobs can form a beautiful silhouette that marks the hair surrounding your face to complete the masterpiece.

And what makes this design so great is that with it being shorter on the sides it gives out an inverted and dynamic look that no other design can possibly come close to. Along with the colorful braided strands that ascend accordingly and fade out into a darker color.


bob box braids





bob box braids styles




box braids bob style




short bob box braids


Finally, the bob box braids have been around for a while and certainly not going away for a while. Because obviously, the bob is the braids latest trendy upgraded boost. So, don’t hesitate to go with the flow and copy any of these tried and true designs from the list above to be on the safe side.