46 Best Bohemian Hairstyles for Every Girl

31. Caramel long beach waves

Beach waves have become very popular. This boho girl’s hairstyle is very easy to make and requires very little maintenance. It is the everyday look you can carry almost anywhere. Long sunkissed caramel hair with beach waves is definitely the type of bohemian hairstyle everyone will love to have.


32. Simple and messy bridesmaid hair

The challenges for a bridesmaid are pretty much the same as those for a bride. Choosing a perfect hairstyle is one of the many. Bohemian wedding hairstyles have surpassed all other hairstyles.

A simple side fishtails braid combined with a messy high ponytail on jet black hair create the simplest yet elegant hairstyle.


33. Fishtail braid with flowers

Here come the flowers again. This time, we are dealing with a loose fishtail. Therefore, the flower pieces have to different.  Small flowers pinned into the fishtail at intervals will give a very subtle look. Make a diagonal fishtail for a creative touch.


34. Flowers and waves

Bohemian hair and waves are bread and butter to each other. Medium and long hair with a caramel balayage makes a perfect pallet for waves and loose curls.

Make a loose pinned-back hairstyle and cover it will delicate flower pieces. Choose the colors of the piece wisely so it complements your hair color and outfit.


35. Whorls updo

bohemian updo

A whorly boho updo looks extremely gorgeous and extravagant. This style is made for blonde and caramel hair. The light caramel whorls on the back with contrasting darker hair on the base create a very dramatic hairstyle. Tonight, all the eyes will be on you.