46 Best Bohemian Hairstyles for Every Girl

36. Multiple fish braids

Fishtails come with a number of innovations and twists. This what makes women’ bohemian hairdo versatile enough for almost every occasion. Tell your hairstylist to make multiple fish braids and then twist them at the back to create a lowe and messy braided bun.


37. Loose curls

Loose curls are an ideal hairstyle for long hair. This tyle is simple to make and easy to carry. For added effect and dimension, combine these curls with Dutch braid and a backcomb. Decorate this volumized hairstyle with While lily flower pieces and look stunning.


38. Geometric hairstyle

This geometric hairstyle is a very bold and creative hairdo. Make a center part and tie your hair into fishtails on each side. Tie the lower hair into tight spindles; a look you’ll seldom come across.

Tuck a long metallic centerpiece in your mid-part. This hairstyle is schematic to make but is worth it!


39. White ombre

White ombre hair on a dark base looks extremely gorgeous and delicate. Create twists on each side above the ears and bring them on the back into a long fishtail.

Leave the lower half of the hair loose and long. If your hair is sleek and long, this hairstyle is the perfect option for you. Use subtle flowers under each twist for a further bohemian touch.


40. Twisted ponytail

bohemian hairdo for women

A twisted ponytail requires little effort but reflects extra grandeur. Twist your hair to the back and tie them into a loose half ponytail. Leave the waves loose and long.