46 Best Bohemian Hairstyles for Every Girl

41. Curtain Hair

Justice is done with long and sleek caramel hair when they are left open and loose with curtain fringes. This style is simplest to make and is a low-maintenance one.


42. Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair looks bold and lively. Create loose curls or beach waves for an added effect and your bohemian hairstyle are ready to slay.


43. Body Waves

For girls with dark black and thick hair with a rough texture, body waves do wonders. Create a side part and leave your body waves open and loose. Use hair shine products for extra pomp.


44. Mother of dragons

Mother of a dragon is wild and bold just like this hairstyle. The style is messy and carefree. Create side fishtails and twists and tie them to the back. Beach waves will give extra effect t the hairstyle and make it look voluminous.


45. Fish braid ponytail

women's bohemian hairdo

Boho ponytail hairstyle is perfect for a bridal as well ad formal office look. This versatile hairstyle goes a long way. Create fish braids on each side of the center part and tie them on the back into a sleek ponytail. Create a few waves or loose curls on the lower end to give volume to the ponytail.


46. Mohawk braided updo

bohemian hairstyles for women

Columbus’ hair looks super cool and sexy. Blonde hair makes the perfect pallet for this bohemian hair look. Make tight French braids on each side of amid part and tie them into a messy top bun. Leave the remaining hair open. Beach waves will hype up the style.


Bohemian hairstyles are truly amazing. They look natural, appealing, inspiring, and magnificent. The main advantage of them is that you don’t have to keep the hair neat. You can let your imagination run wild!