10 Bewitching Vintage Wedding Hairstyles For Brides

Every woman wants to have the most impressive wedding day image, so some of them turn to old fashion. Such vintage wedding hairstyles help modern brides stand out of the crowd with that very special look their mothers and grandmothers created. Some of them are very simple to make and it’s their simplicity that makes the most amazing impression.

When you choose a vintage hairstyle, the rest of the image must be set up accordingly. Consider setting up a vintage venue design for your wedding. Perhaps you can get the bridesmaids to sport old-fashioned hairstyles as well. The overall experience of the wedding will make you remember it for the rest of your life.


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You won’t find vintage wedding hairstyles in modern magazines for brides. That’s why we came up with a very short list of interesting old-fashioned hairstyles that can make you look really special.

Planning a wedding is always a hassle. Women spend weeks and even months trying to come up with the right image. If you are leaning toward a vintage set up, we have done the hairstyle choosing job for you.

Take a look at these options and pick the best one for yourself.

1. Low curly bun

Low curly bun vintage wedding hairstyles for women

Curls used to be an essential part of vintage wedding hairstyles, just as they are nowadays. You will need to curl all of your hair and then tie it into a side bun. Make sure the bun is not exactly in the middle, so it can be visible on full-face photos.


2. Side swept waves

vintage wedding hairstyles for women 2-min

This hairstyle is very easy to make, but quite hard to keep intact. The hair is curled and swept to one side to fall over the chest. It is pinned in the back to stay in place. However, you will need to touch it up during the day.

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3. Expensive accessories

Young girl black wedding hairstyles for long hair

If you want to look like a real princess for your wedding, you can use some jewelry as hair accessories. Tie them into your loose braids or side swept waves and you will really make a great impression. Accessories can also help keep your style intact.


4. Back to 1920s

vintage wedding hairstyles for women 4-min

This amazing 1920’s hairstyle is great for girls with short hair. Neat waves are created with the help of a flat iron and are kept intact by hairspray. Use some pins to secure the bottom part in order not to bother with touch-ups during the day.


5. Braided bun and long bangs

 vintage wedding hairstyles for long bangs

A braided bun makes a great vintage wedding hairstyle for women when coupled with long and straight bangs. You will need to make a ponytail, curl it and then arrange it into the bun. Fringe needs to be straightened out and styled in a side part.


6. Welcome to the 1950s

vintage wedding hairstyles for women 6-min

This 1950’s wedding hairstyle looks very regal, but there is really nothing hard about making it. The neat waves are made with a flat iron and the bangs are lifted up. Add some vintage accessories and your image is complete.


7. Short pixie

Short pixie wedding hairstyles for short hair

Turn a simple short pixie into an amazing 1960’s vintage wedding hairstyle by using a wide headband. Any color will do, as long as it suits your dress. Brush the hair backwards and pull over the headband. This simple look will make you a real queen.

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8. Hello from the 1930s

vintage wedding hairstyles for women 8-min

This amazing 1930’s wedding hairstyle will make any girl look fantastic. Arrange your hair into large waves and lift up the bangs. You will be the most amazing and beautiful bride! Use a lot of hair gel to avoid frequent touch-ups.


9. Loose wavy bun

women best wavy bun wedding hair styles

This wonderful short wavy bun hairstyle is a great idea for a wedding. Make soft waves and arrange them into a low bun in the back. This voluminous look will make any girl with fine hair enjoy her moment in the spotlight.

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10. High hair with curls

short curly wedding hair styles you love

High hair will take you back to the middle of the 20th century and its popular music and movie stars. Brush the top part of your hair upwards to create a voluminous effect. Curl the rest and arrange it into a very loose ponytail. Use a lot of pins to help it stay together.

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Vintage wedding hairstyles will take you back to the era when fashion was completely different, but women still went out of their way to look as incredible as possible. Try out some of these hairstyles to look like a real princess from the past.