5 Exotic Half Up Bridesmaids Updos for Long Hair

Choosing the right hairstyle to wear as a bridesmaid can make a really big difference on the big day. Remember that you are representing your friend, so it is important that you look your best. On the other hand, some brides help to choose their bridesmaids’ hairstyles, so that everything is perfectly coordinated. Here are some excellent examples of half up updos for bridesmaids with a long hair.


Half up Updos for Bridesmaids With Long Hair

A half updo normally needs a stylish accessory to clearly demarcate the up section from the down section. A good accessory will help to hold the hair in place whilst also looking great. Flowers are a lovely feminine choice for a wedding day. Bridesmaids may wish to coordinate their hair accessories with the color of the dress. The bride may also recommend certain flowers that she prefers. Make sure that you don’t choose live flowers if the bride has a pollen allergy.


Fantastic Floral Accessories

bride maids updo for long hair

Brides and bridesmaids can completely transform their look with the addition of a floral accessory. Enhance your half updo with a flower that matches the wedding color scheme.

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Half Updo with Big Waves

bridesmaids half updos for long hair

Long large waves give a beautiful softness to long hair. Create perfect waves by brushing through your hair after wearing it in rollers. You will only need a small amount of styling product.


Baby’s Breath Accessories

Secure your half updo in place using a baby’s breath floral accessory. These delicate flowers look really beautiful when they are used over large soft curls.


Semi Updo with Gorgeous Layered Waterfall Curls

bridesmaids Semi Updo with Gorgeous Layered Waterfall Curls

If you are looking for a big impact wedding hairstyle, then this one might just be it. The layered waterfall curls look great as part of a half up, half down hairdo.


Half Updo with Flower Crown

Half bridesmaids Updo with Flower Crown

A delicate white flower crown looks lovely as part of a spring or summer wedding outfit. Alternatively, choose a delicate flower crown to match the color of your dress.

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Half up bridesmaids updos for long hair look lovely at any wedding. Whether you are choosing your own hairstyle, or whether you are choosing styles for your bridesmaids, these choices look beautiful.