How to Style Bubble Ponytail + Top 5 Ideas

When you need a stylish hairstyle, and you have little time to prepare, the ponytail is the best option. Unlike the classic ponytail, the bubble ponytail is the upgrade and most stylish of the two. In making the classic ponytail, you use a single band knot.

Whereas when you are making the bubble in ponytail, you use a multiple of knots tied at constant lengths. In helping you become trendier, we will show you how to make this.


How to Do Bubble Ponytail

How to Do Bubble Ponytail

In order to make a perfect bubble shaped ponytail, you will require some hairstyling equipment at hand. These are:

  1. A hairbrush
  2. A hair comb
  3. Hair elastic bands
  4. Hair clips
  5. A hair spray

Once you have the equipment, you may wash the hair and dry it. But dry and crusty hair gives the best results.  Brush the hair with the hairbrush to straighten it. When the hair becomes thoroughly straight, spray it for a few seconds. This helps the hair to shape into style. Using one hand, gather your hair back.

Then with the other, comb thoroughly. There are two types of ponytails, the low pony and high pony. You may choose according to your taste.

Make your hair tie some inches from your scalp. Then tie another band at least two inches apart from the hair tie. Continue with the tying of knots, keeping the constant gap in between the knots.

Remember to set at least two to three inches gap from the last band knot to the tip of the ponytail. As you tie the band knots, tag each section and create the bubble effect in between the elastic knots. Once you have your ponytail ready, use your hairspray to strengthen its formation.


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Classiest Bubble Ponytail Styles

Now that you understand how to get bubble in ponytails, here we will showcase you the 5 top styling ideas.

1. Ponytail with Bangs

bubble ponytail with bangs

As a way of redefining the ponytail, this bubbly hairstyle is incorporating the side-swept bangs in the front. At the back, there is a small high ponytail that joins the larger lower pony at the hair tie.

This gives your ponytail that versatile bubble effect that you are looking for. In addition, the initial bubbles seem fluffier than the rest. It is a perfect hairstyle for any occasion.


2. Spiral Bubble Ponytail

spiral bubble ponytail styles

Just as the name suggests, the ponytail has the spiral twist effect on its bubbles. Instead of the traditional elongated bubble effect, this hairstyle brings in an exotic effect.

The pony is twisting in a spiral shape. It enhances the elegance of the simple bubbly look. If you are in the class of exotic ponytails, here is how to bubble a ponytail.


3. Weave Ponytail

blonde bubble ponytail with weave

This hairstyle has a lot of inspiration form the farm barn. It blends the dark hair on the scalp with the blonde ponytail at the hair tie. While keeping with its original concept, the hair tie knot is from a sisal farm rope.

This is an atypical example of creativity at its best. In case you need to style it, you will need some extra efforts in locating the perfect sisal rope. Again the matching of the colors you choose must be perfect.


4. Sleek Long Ponytail

bubble ponytails for women

It is striking to notice the simple bubble ponytail has that transition of color shades in it. The root of the hair is black and then transcends into a lighter shade of brown.

Eventually, the tip of the ponytail is light brown. The different shades give the touch of color exploration.


5. Genie Ponytail

high bubble ponytail hairstyles

The most distinct feature is the high elevation of the hair tie. In fact, it is the binding that gives it that unique touch. Besides that, the bubbles are almost circled instead of the traditional cylindrical.

This movie-like aspect gives the ponytail the serious and no-nonsense attribute. Nonetheless, it is a good hairstyle to step out with during the gift dinners with a matching dress.


If you ever get the urge to create that beautiful bubble ponytail, then look no further. With the few simple steps on how to, you can master the art perfectly. These 5 top ponytails should be your starting point as you explore your future creativity.

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