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Is It Safe to Bleach Hair Again After 2 Weeks?

Have you recently bleached your hair, but it didn’t turn out how you wanted? Do you want to lighten your hair again but are curious if it is safe or possible to do bleach again in as little as two weeks?

Bleaching has a reputation for being harmful to hair, but the truth is that any chemical process used on something as fragile as hair comes with inherent risks. In this article, we’ll explore the re-bleaching process and clarify if you can bleach hair again after two weeks.

Can I Bleach My Hair Again After 2 Weeks?

Yes, you can bleach your hair again after two weeks but you must remember there’s a risk of damage if the substance is not applied properly.

The process of hair bleaching removes natural oils and colors, leaving even the most luscious locks more dry and brittle. What’s more, if you bleach your hair too soon, it might not get enough time for your hair to heal. So, there will be a higher risk of breakage.

Ideally, give your hair 4 to 6 weeks before bleaching it again. That will allow those natural oils to start rehydrating your hair.

Tips for Bleaching Your Hair Again After Two Weeks Safely

To safely re-bleach your hair after 2 weeks, follow the below best practices.

Use High-Quality Bleach

You’ll want to use high-quality, specially-formulated bleach products for optimal results. For instance, choose a product with high-lift potential if you have dark hair. The process of transitioning from dark to light hair is relatively intensive, as darker hair has heavier pigmentation.

In addition, consider what’s inside the bleach, as some products contain coconut oil and similar ingredients to prevent breakage and promote overall hair health.

Do a Patch Test

Tips to Bleach Hair Again After Two Weeks - Patch Test

If you’re using bleach that has color, do a patch and strand test before full application. To make a patch test, apply a small amount of bleach mixture to a section of your skin on your elbow and wait for it to dry.

If the test strip appears damaged, begins to break off, or feels stringy in texture and pulls apart, don’t bleach your hair. Likewise, stop immediately if the test stings more than it should – or even leads to a burning sensation.

Don’t Leave Bleach in Your Hair for Long

Since you’ve already bleached your hair, you can half the processing time as hair needs less exposure to the substance the second time. Leaving bleach in for longer than 30 minutes can lead to brittle hair, hair loss, and more frequent breakages.

That’s because the intense chemicals used in bleach can start to burn up your hair. If you don’t have the desired results after 30 minutes, simply rinse and repeat the application.

Practice Hair Care Post-Bleaching

Tips to Bleach Hair Again After Two Weeks - Deep Conditioning

Consistently following a hair care routine is essential regardless of whether you bleach your mane. You’ll want to avoid shampooing for a day or two to avoid aggravating hair dryness.

Skipping a few washes will also allow your hair to produce its natural oil, which will help lock in much-needed moisture. In addition, use a deep conditioning treatment or hair-friendly oil to restore moisture and nourishment.

Are There Dangers to Bleaching Hair Too Frequently?

Overprocessing is the most common risk with frequent bleaching, as the hair and scalp don’t get enough time to recover between sessions.

That can lead to severely damaged or broken strands, split ends, excessive shedding, breakage at the roots, or skin irritation from chemical burns on the scalp or around the face caused by bleach coming into contact with skin cells. Moreover, overprocessing can make colors fade faster than expected, giving you uneven color tones.


So, you can bleach your hair again after two weeks. However, the recommended time between bleaching sessions is four to six weeks. If you decide to apply the substance before that timeframe, follow the tips outlined above to minimize the risks associated with the process and get results you’ll love.


How can I tell if my hair is damaged from bleach?

Signs of hair damage from bleach include dryness, brittleness, split ends, breakage, and hair loss. If your hair feels excessively dry and brittle or breaks easily, it may be over-bleached or damaged.

Is rebleaching the right option?

If your first bleaching treatment did not lighten, or your hair is still very dark, rebleaching can help you achieve your desired shade.

Several products, such as purple shampoo and non-bleach lighteners, can lighten hair without causing the same damage as bleach treatments.

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