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Can I Bleach My Hair With Product In It?

Lightening and brightening your hair with bleaching can be a great idea, but it comes with potential risks. If you’re wondering, “can I bleach my hair with product in it,” the answer may surprise you.

Bleaching your hair while products are still in it can damage or even destroy your locks if done incorrectly, so read on for tips about how to properly bleach and care for bleached hair.

Is It Safe to Bleach Hair With Product In It?

No, you should not bleach your hair with product in it. The chemicals used in bleaching can react negatively with the ingredients found in most products, leading to discoloration and damage.

If you already have product on your hair, the chemicals can react with any bleach you apply to create an adverse reaction.

You might experience burning or stinging sensations on the scalp and skin to alert you to a problem, but that doesn’t always happen. Some people don’t realize they damaged their hair until they go to rinse and see the discoloration, brittleness, and even hair loss.

Can I Bleach My Hair With Oil in It?

Effects of bleaching hair with oil in it

It depends. Some oils can help protect your hair while others can alter the final color. Before bleaching your hair with oil in it, you should know what to expect and how it will impact your process and outcome.

  • Coconut oil or argan oil can be helpful when applied the day or night before you bleach because it can protect your hair from harmful drying effects.
  • Olive oil has a yellowish hue, so while it’s protective in terms of moisture, it might give your hair a warmer color.
  • Castor oil is an option that protects the scalp, but using too much can create a strange texture to the hair.
  • Camellia and jojoba oils are excellent for protecting the scalp and nourishing the hair before bleaching.

Even though you can use oil before bleaching, it’s best to apply it afterward to nourish your hair and help it recover.

Can I Bleach Hair With Gel in It?

No, you should not bleach your hair with gel in it. The gel can interfere with the bleaching process in a few different ways.

First, the gel might prevent the bleach from evenly penetrating the hair strands, meaning you end up with uneven results.

Second, depending on the type of gel you use, some ingredients might react with the bleach and cause damage to the hair.

Additionally, gel typically contains short-chain alcohols that help it dry faster. Since alcohol has drying properties, it can further weaken the hair strands and enhance the damage caused during bleaching.

Can I Bleach My Hair With Leave-in Conditioner in It?

Again, it depends. While bleaching products require clean, dry hair to be most effective, applying leave-in conditioner the day before could help protect your hair.

While leave-in conditioners provide our hair with extra moisture and help restore its structure, they can also create a barrier that makes it harder for the ammonia in bleach to fully loosen the hair cuticle. It could lead to uneven results or a different color than intended.

Additionally, some leave-in conditioners contain ingredients like oils and proteins that can react negatively with the bleach, causing more damage to the hair. As such, it’s best to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner to remove any product buildup that may interfere with the bleaching process.

When Should I Wash My Hair Before Bleaching If It Has Product in It?

It’s advisable to wash your hair at least 48 hours before bleaching but 72 hours in advance is best. Wash all product out and don’t use anything new until after you bleach your hair.

Waiting at least 72 hours allows your scalp to produce natural oils that can help protect your hair during the bleaching process. It also gives your hair time to recover from any potential damage that may have been caused by the products in your hair.

While waiting and planning that far ahead might seem challenging, your hair’s natural oils are the best protection against the bleaching process.


So, it’s not recommended to bleach your hair with any products in it. If there is any product buildup or residue on your hair, it can interfere with the bleaching process and may result in uneven or patchy results.

If you’re unsure whether your hair has any product in it, it’s always better to err on caution and wash it thoroughly 72 hours before bleaching. This approach allows your hair to rebuild its natural oils and protect against damage from bleaching.

Be careful to follow the instructions on the bleaching product and consider seeking the advice of a professional hairdresser.